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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Satisfaction of a Door Knob

It always feels good to accomplish something that you thought might have been out of your reach... or just to accomplish something.

Recently our door knob broke. The latch thingy wouldn't move when you turned the knob. So, there were a couple days where I had to crawl through the window and use a knife to open the door. I suggested to Nick that we call my dad and see if he'd put a new one in for us as he is into construction stuff. Nick scoffed at the idea and said that he would do it. Well, I love do it yourself projects, so went to WalMart and picked out an antique brass door knob. I chose one made by Brinks as they were a brand I had heard of.

While the kids were napping yesterday, Nick and I set about the task of replacing the door knob. We only messed up once, corrected our mistake and voila! A new door knob that works! We were so proud of ourselves. As corny as it may sound, I just wanted to sit and admire that knob. It was a great sense of accomplishment to me that we completed a project that I had wanted to have someone else do. And not having to crawl through the window is awesome!

I think I upped the value of our house AT LEAST $5,000. Thank you, door knob!

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  1. I am the furthest thing from a DIYer that you could think of. Embarrassing since I'm the son of a man who won't pay anyone to do work around the house, and who has tackled everything from electrical work, plumbing, etc., himself (of course, many of these major projects have taken months or in some cases years to complete, bit by bit - years ago, we were once without hot running water for a couple of years). But I digress.

    My Wife will actually pick up a drill (I'm usually too scared of drilling into something and doing damage), but the bottom line is that neither of us are really handy.

    Which makes it all the more satisfying when our dryer's drive belt broke and a) I was almost 100 percent certain it just needed a new belt; and b) I replaced it myself!

    Now, I wouldn't say it was the easiest job. I actually had to get some special screwdrivers to be able to get into the thing - it was almost a deal-breaker. But it got done, and it was immensely rewarding when the dryer actually worked after I'd finished.

    Congratulations on the new door knob!