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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Rant: Old Lady Busybody Edition

You know what kind of people I can't stand?  No, not those... no, not those either... okay, okay, so there's a lot on my list.  But today I am especially referring to Old Lady Busybodies!

Case in point:  yesterday, David and I took a group of 7 kids to the pool at our apartment complex.  First, you need to know that WHEN I WAS SIGNING THE LEASE, I asked a million question.  One of those questions was, "how many people are we allowed to bring to the pool?"  I asked this in case my kids wanted to bring friends.  I was specifically told that you were allowed one guest PER PERSON LIVING IN THE APARTMENT.  Now, if that was not the rule, so be it, but I know what I was told because I specifically asked the question for a reason.  I was also told that if the pool was empty that the rule can be fudged a bit.  These words I remember.  Now, I didn't say I THOUGHT I remembered them.  No, that's what happened.

So, yesterday as aforementioned, I ventured to the pool with 7 kids in tow.  So, if there was myself, David and my two children, all of us whom live in the apartment, that would reason that there could be 8 of us.  Well, one was a baby who I would have had to hold the whole time, but I figured I'd see how full the pool was.

So, before entering the building, I told all the children they had to be silent until we got into the pool because people were busy and didn't want it to be noisy.  All kids complied with what I said!  To get to the pool you have to walk through the fitness center.  So, through we marched, quietly and happily.  The only person in the fitness center was an old lady with bright red hair (like she was fooling anyone.)  I smiled at her, David smiled at her and she glared at us in return.  We get into the pool room and I remind the kids they can talk but no screaming.  They were all excited and started getting into the pool as did I.  David looks out the window at the office and he sees the old lady go in and start talking.  He tells me that she is probably complaining.  Sure enough, one of the office ladies comes in and tells us that we have too many people.  Mind you, we are the ONLY ones in the pool.  I tell her that I was told that it was one guest per resident.  She rebutted that it was 2 guests per APARTMENT.  I wasn't about to argue, but that is NOT what I was told.  And I reminded her that we were the only ones even using the pool and her response was that if other people walked by and saw how many kids were in the pool they would be turned off and not want to come in.  That's their problem!  If they don't wanna be around 7 kids, they won't want to be around 4 kids.  Because people like that are douchebags.  If the kids are bad I have no problem making them get out and sit.  I don't tolerate obnoxious children.  Any of you that know me, know this.  So, because I hate confrontation, I agreed to send 3 away.  But, I was PI$$ED.  And guess what!  The old busybody never got in the pool.  So it didn't matter anyway!!!  And by the time we left there were 5 other people in the pool and not one of them cared that we were there.  EW!  What kind of people purposely try to screw other people out of joy in life?  I told David I was going to look at the sign in sheet to see the old lady's apartment number and leave a flaming bag of dog poo at her front door.  He said it would be more funny if it were a flaming diaper, but he stopped me nonetheless.  (Spoilsport!)

Long story short.  I hope karma gets this lady hit by a school bus.  Jerk!

Oh, and the apartment complex is The Pointe and is owned by Cunat.  Yeah, that's right.  That's what they get for LYING TO MY FACE.  Good luck getting us to stay another second after our lease is up.  Nazis!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Name is Hammy, and I'm a Hypocrite

You know how things bother you?  You can't say that nothing bothers you.  We're all human and whether we smile and act like nothing is wrong, put our faith in God that things will get better, or brush it under the rug, there will always be that instant when your brain tells you, "Hey!  I don't like this feeling."

Well, I've had to become more self aware of myself in the past year than I'd care to.  I'm tired of myself!  But, in order to become the people we want to be, we must take a hard look at our flaws and realize that although we don't want to change, sometimes we need to.

So this leads me into my realization that I am totally a hypocrite!  I used to pride myself in not being a jealous person.  But then I realized that it wasn't so much I wasn't jealous, it was just that when I was younger, I didn't invest much in the guys I was dating, then in my longest relationship, it was more that I had no reason to be jealous.  But then when I did, I chalked it up to mental issues.  I poo poo'd the idea that I was a jealous person.  Well, fast forward to today and I will be honest that I am a jealous person!  Sure, there were the guys that I didn't care about enough to get jealous, but then when there is one, I realize that the thought of him being interested or alone with another chick makes me wanna rip his AND her heads off, wrap them in trashbags full of gasoline, hang them from a flag pole and shoot flaming arrows at them.

But what makes me a hypocrite is that I don't see why it's not okay for me to talk to guys, why it's not okay for me to hang out alone with guys.  It's okay for me to text my exes, but if a guy I'm with even brings up a girl's name that he even kissed while drunk, I'm ready to claw some faces!  And I'll be honest, I'm normally big on keeping my feelings buried down deep because I don't like feeling vulnerable.  But then the bipolar side of me occasionally kicks in and I flip out like a vegetarian at the slaughter house.

I don't know why I can't convince myself not to feel this way.  I know I'm not the hottest looking lady out there, but it's not that I feel threatened.  I guess it's more the idea that a guy I'm interested in would even give a second thought to another girl.  And no, I'm not THAT full of myself!  I know my poo stinks as much as everyone else's does.  I just can't force myself to stop.  All I know is that it hurts.  I get physical pains in my chests at the thought of someone who cared/cares about me caring about someone else, whether I want to be with them or not...

Anyway, I've said too much.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mystery Solved!

So, for the last two weeks, we've had a mystery on our hands.  I'm a bit of a neat freak about my living room because that is the place that everyone sees when they first come in.  We keep our shoes on a rug by the door and I'm constantly organizing them when they get messed up- my daughter is pretty good at organizing them as well!  Well, there have been several times lately where my kids have gone to put one of their shoes on and the other shoe is missing.  I will remember having seen it in the upstairs hallway and we always assume one of the kids took it upstairs for some random reason.

So, this happened for several days.  I will bring the shoes back and the exact same shoes will end up upstairs.  Well, one day they were lying near the cat food dish and I could have sworn they weren't there before bedtime.  We started wondering if one of the new cats was the culprit.  We were so sure, we just decided that was what was happening.

Well, last night while watching America's Got Talent, David tapped my arm.  I didn't look very quickly because I wasn't sure what he wanted, so I missed it.  Apparently, the cat had my daughters sneaker in his mouth and was starting to walk with it, but for some reason decided not to.  Mystery solved!  And a reminder that cats are strange creatures sometime...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sweet Valley Confidential by Francine Pascal

Are you familiar with the Sweet Valley series of the past?  I am!  I was IN LOVE with these books!  When I was in elementary school I read all of the Sweet Valley Twin books.  I would anxiously await the new arrivals and run out and buy them.  As I got into middle school, I start reading the Sweet Valley High series.  I was ecstatic about these and would go to used book stores and try to get the entire series.  At one point I think I had all of both series, but get this- I boxed them up and put them in my parents' basement and haven't seen them since.  The optimistic part of me wants to say that they are still buried somewhere down there.  The pessimistic side of me fears that my sister stole them and sold them.  I can't think of another logical explanation because I can't imagine my parents just throwing them away without asking me!  Then there was the short lived series The Unicorn Club, which I wasn't a big fan of.

Anyway, fast forward to today.  Francine Pascal has realized that some of her fans are probably wondering what would have happened to Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield after becoming adults and moving out of Sweet Valley. 

I was THRILLED when I got offered this book to review.  It was like they had somehow received full documentation of my interests from the past and realized I'd love to review this... but that's probably not what happened.  When I received it I was giddy and stoked to get started.

Okay, now onto what I thought.  The book established that Elizabeth had pursued journalism and moved to New York to make her way into the writing world.  This was after a huge fallout with Jessica when something completely unforgivable happened.  I won't tell you what because it's a shocker.  Jessica is still in Sweet Valley living with her boyfriend (or was he her fiancee, I can't remember.)  She is beyond desolate that Elizabeth refuses to speak to her.  In fact, most of her old friends are so shocked by what happened that they feel awkward being around her.  Life is extremely rough for Jessica, but it's not that easy for Elizabeth either.  The book details the struggles they have dealing with their own problems while trying to repair a bond that no one thought could be broken.

I wish I could say I loved the book.  I really tried.  I just had a couple things that really bugged me.  The first was all the flash backs and references to things in the past.  It happened quite a bit and I found it extremely annoying.  I ended up just skipping all those parts.  The other thing that bothered me, which I'm sure wouldn't bother a lot of other people is that I was so used to the writing in Sweet Valley High being mostly PG and PG-13 on the rare occasion.  So, this book was a bit more graphic and talked more about sex and it made me sad because it showed a change in writing style that I wasn't quite able to readily adopt.  I guarantee that isn't going to be the way most of the other readers feel.  I just had a loyalty to the previous writing.

Otherwise, it was good catching up with the girls and I would definitely say that people who were die hard fans like I was would be really interested.

MOTR Grade:  B