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Monday, June 25, 2012

C-Section After Vaginal Birth

So I know there's a such thing as a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), but I've never heard too much about a CAVB- I don't know if that's a real term, but I'm assuming that would be a cesarean after vaginal birth.  Well, having now been in that boat, I thought I'd write about my experience with it.  It goes along the lines of a blog post I read called "10 Things I Wish Somebody Had Told Me About C-Sections."  (I did not experience everything she mentioned.) You can google until your fingers fall off about what a c-section is like, but you're not likely to get the full picture.  And I got feedback about them from several friends before mine so that I could have reassurance it wasn't going to be the worst thing ever.

Well... it was the worst thing ever!  Let me preface by telling you again that this was a cesarean after having two children vaginally.  Now, I know that many women tear and I've heard the horror stories of vaginal birth where women have torn an unGodly amount and couldn't walk or sit for weeks.  I know many women have pushed for so long they ended up with a c-section in the end.  So yes, I know there are a lot of horror stories with vaginal birth.  I did not have that problem.  Although my labor with my first two was extremely long, I didn't tear with either and the healing process was extremely fast.  I was up an hour after birth.  With my first, I took a bath and was excited at being able to shave my thighs because I could actually see them!  With  my second, I opted for a shower.  Upon coming home, I was pretty much back to most normal activities right away.  In fact, with my second, I was pulling up carpeting a week after birth.

Okay, so that's my preface.  Vaginal birth doesn't scare me and I would never hesitate in my decision to have another child if it was solely based on the birth itself.  Unfortunately, now that has completely changed.

The only part of the c-section that wasn't horrible was the surgery itself.  I was told to arrive at the hospital at 5 am and they prep you, get your IV in, get you on fluids, fill out paperwork, have nurses talk to you about what's going to happen during the surgery and by the time 8am rolled around I was ready to go.  You are given a spinal (like an epidural, but it's a one time injection instead of having you hooked up to a tube in your back.)  Once the doctor establishes it has kicked in, he starts cutting.  The whole process is very quick and boom, there's your baby!  Of course my son was big and the doctor needed assistance getting him out by way of some guy pushing extremely hard on my ribs and stomach, but since I was numb it was just uncomfortable.

So boom, there's the surgery.  They cut you open, sew you up, show you the baby and then you go to recovery for 20 minutes, then on to your room.  That's when the hell begins.  You are pretty much bound to that bed for the next 8-12 hours.  You're hooked up to a pulse monitor, blood pressure monitor, catheter, pressure boots and IV.  You can't move, you can't feel a lot from the chest down.  So, every so often you have nurses come in and change your pad, press on your stomach to check your uterus and clean you down there- very humiliating if you don't like being completely helpless.

After about 8 hours I asked if I could try to get up.  I got to enjoy a whole standing up, turning around and sitting in a chair two inches from my bed.  At 2:15 am the catheter was removed (thank God.)  At 8:30 the next day the IV was removed after I insisted they had promised it was only in for 24 hours.  Next came the bp cuff, heart monitor and finally the boots- mainly because I kept kicking them off.

You can barely move, I couldn't stand up straight, the furniture and bed in the hospital room are so uncomfortable that there was nothing I could do to not be in pain.  In fact, the pain in my rear from sitting on the hard furniture was at times worse than the c-section pain!  The nurses are in and out all night, you can't sleep because of the discomfort... worse hospitalization ever.

Now fast forward to being home.  You're not allowed to drive until you can successfully press the brake and gas pedal and turn your body to see behind you.  You're not allowed to pick anything up over the weight of your baby.  So pretty much, I'm bound to my house and can't even do much there.  I'm a stomach sleeper, but I'm stuck sleeping on my back for at least 3 weeks.  I'm constantly worried about my incision splitting, so I avoid doing too much.  Although today is the sixth day after my surgery, I haven't had any pain medication since day 4 and that was only once.  It is really hard to stand or get off my bed, but as long as you don't do it quickly, it's tolerable.  Then there's the swelling!!  Because of the 4 bags of fluids they give you (pitocin and something else), you swell from the knees down.  And this isn't mild swelling, this is painful, I think I have elephantitis swelling.  My feet hurt worse than the c-section area!  It hurts to wiggle my toes and my legs feel like hard plastic that can't be budged.

Well, there you have it.  If something else awful comes up, I'll be sure to share, but I think I've highlighted the things that I have been most upset to find out.  Most doctors in smaller towns will not perform VBACs and I asked my doctor if it made a difference that I only had to have one because my son was breech.  He said no, once you have one, that's it.  So, if I ever decided I wanted another child, I'd have the option of going through another hellacious cesarean or driving 90 miles to have a doctor who will allow a VBAC.  Of course, I'm not even close to making that decision anytime soon, it's just unfortunate that I'd have to.

Hopefully I haven't completely terrified you, but I feel honesty is what women want in medical situations!

Keeping It Clean for Baby

Having a newborn causes a lot of paranoia, one aspect being "how clean is my house?"  I know that babies are supposed to be exposed to a certain amount and kinds of germs because they have to build up their immune system and resistance.  If you raise a child in a bubble, they won't be able to make it in the real world where kids get muddy, fellow playmates sneeze without covering their mouths and people just don't believe in washing their hands.

Although I'm aware of this, I still like to use certain precautions.  For instance, I try to get everyone to wash their hands when they visit and before they hold the baby.  I'm a bit paranoid about other people's kids being around him because they don't wash hands as well and they tend to be more germy.

The other thing I'm big on is cleaning baby toys as H gets old enough to use them.  I find Antibacterial Wipes are perfect!  Babies want to put everything in their mouth and keeping the toys clean is a must- especially if you every buy toys second hand.  Like I mentioned, I'm aware that kids can't be raised in a completely germ-free environment, but sometimes it's the germs you can't control that are the most threatening!

Do you have any germ paranoia's or tips on how to keep things mildly clean without overdoing it?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Childhood Memories: Cheese Thief Edition

This childhood memory will probably be highly disputed due to its controversial nature...

Okay, to preface the memory, I need to point out that we were very well fed as children and never starved.  Aside from breakfast, lunch and dinner, if we wanted a snack or dessert, we had to ask permission to eat something and it wasn't guaranteed approval.  I can only imagine what kind of costs went into feeding a family of 6!  So, it is understandable that occasionally the more "expensive" items would be missed if they disappeared.

Now onto the memory.  From the best of my recollection (because I think I had to have been like 4 or 5 or something) the incident started because someone had opened a block of cheese and eaten it.  I don't remember if the whole block of cheese was eaten and the evidence was found in the trash can or if someone had opened the block of cheese and helped themselves.  Well, the fact that someone had eaten cheese without permission was a big no-no.  (If you are accustomed to buying blocks of cheese, you know they aren't cheap.)  So, an interrogation process was lead in order to find the culprit.  Apparently my three siblings all denied the allegations, as did I.  I was 100% sure I was innocent as I knew that I had not partaken in the disappearance of the cheese.

Well, here's where the travesty lies.   Apparently since everyone denied it, it was assumed that I was the guilty party.  I was the youngest, so maybe it was thought that the older children would have no reason to lie about something so trivial.  Despite my protests, I was sent to my room and told I would remain there until I confessed.  Imagine how much this crushed my faith in humanity.  I can understand how inmates feel that are incarcerated, but innocent.  Instead of mulling over a confession, I was sitting there wondering why I was being punished- because mind you, none of my three siblings were being punished because my parents assumed it was me.

Fast forward until I was allowed out of my room.  This is where the rest of the memory gets mildly fuzzy.  I BELIEVE that someone eventually confessed and that's why I was allowed out.  But, this doesn't seem too likely because I doubt any of them felt too guilty that I was getting punished.  So, maybe they let me out because they figured I'd been punished enough had I actually been the perpetrator.  Either way, that's all I remember happening from the event.  I learned that the world is not fair and that I can't expect people to apologize because no one did.  I'm sure to this day (if my parents thought this was a real memory) that they think I was the one who ate the cheese.

Pretty Little Liars Shows Its Fashion Savvy Ways

In theory, if you want to know about what's hot in fashion right now, I've always thought you should look to what the girls 16-24 are wearing.  Forget what's on the runway because most of the times the celebrities can't even pull those looks off and they look like they should be in a Tim Burton movie.  Of course if you live in small towns, you can't look to the girls in the age bracket mentioned because they try to dress like each other and have no good looks to model after.  So, the next best option is watching current film and television shows with girls these ages.

The fashion sense from the girls of Pretty Little Liars never fails to impress. Whether it’s during a fashion show, Masquerade Ball or for Halloween the girls are always dressed to impress.My favorite looks from season two were the simply, yet extremely girly looks.  For example, much of what Aria and Hanna wear are looks that I like.  I'm a big fan of simple and cute.  Mostly the looks they wear to school are somewhat the kind of looks I would like to go for at work.  Although their going out attire might be a little flashier than mine (I don't think I could ever pull off anything with glitter or sequins) I definitely like skirts and dresses.

Which character's fashion in Season 2 did you like best?  Which is most similar to your own?

For episodics from Pretty Little Liars Season 2 please visit Warner Bros. Media Television To Go.

Don't forget that Season 2 is now available on DVD!!!   And the new season of Pretty Little Liars is now in full swing on ABC Family Tuesdays at 8/7c.

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People Only Tend to Die Once

Luckily I have never had to plan a funeral.  Unfortunately, I don't think I will always be able to say that.  No one likes to think about death, especially not their own.  Well, I don't like to think about anyone I know dying!

However, I know that some day (hopefully very far away) I will have to either help or fully plan a funeral.  From what I've witnessed from family members that have passed, funerals can be VERY expensive.  I wasn't even aware until recently that there was a such thing as burial insurance.  (Learn more about it at BurialInsurance.org)  I mean, it makes sense!  Everyone knows that a funeral will be an expense, so why not plan ahead and help those that will be responsible for planning it (and potentially paying for it.)

Aging seems like it can be scary, but luckily with companies that help make plans for the elderly maybe it doesn't have to be so worrisome.  If you know anyone who is having a hard time with the aging process or if you or a loved one is interested in establishing plans for the future, check out all the information available at AARP.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Thoughts On: The New Season of Teen Mom

*Disclaimer: I know that this is a reality show and they only show small fragments of these girls' lives.  Therefore, I am treating this as I would any scripted show and by no means would have any actual ill feelings towards anyone in the cast.

Okay, now that's out of the way.  So I stayed up extremely late last night to watch the first two episodes of the fourth and final season of Teen Mom.  I haven't watched a season of 16 & Pregnant in years, but I watched the first couple, therefore I enjoy catching up with the girls on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.  I'm going to share my thoughts on each girl of the former based on what I've seen so far.

Farrah Abraham:  Farrah is by far my favorite.  Maybe it's because she's from Iowa or maybe it's because I feel bad for her with what happened between her and her baby daddy and now he's dead.  I do know that most people I talk to can't stand her, but hey, we're all different and I'm entitled to my opinion.  Unlike some of the other "ladies," I actually think Farrah is a good mom.  Her daughter seems smart and well-kept.  Plus since Farrah doesn't seem to spend a lot of time dating, most of her life seems to revolve around her daughter.  My only beef with Farrah is her relationship with her parents.  Although her mom seems a bit wackadoo, her dad (I think it's her dad, but she calls him Michael) seems pretty sane and grounded.  What frustrates me is Farrah's lack of gratitude.  For instance, she pretty much told Michael he was helping her load the uhaul and driving it to Florida.  He didn't even bat an eyelash.  But then she was super bossy to him and acted like it was his job to help her, when really, he was going quite out of his way to do this stuff for her and most of the items were loaded up solely by him.  I would have liked to see Farrah be a bit more appreciative. 

Another reason that Farrah is my favorite is that unlike the other girls, she realizes how important an education is and she has been booking her way through school!  (I believe she's done now with her bachelors.)  She didn't make excuses of any sort on why she might put it off and she seems to have done well with it.  I hate when chicks make excuses that having a kid makes it impossible to go to college.  Ridiculous!  (I know from experience.)

Maci Bookout: I.Can't.Stand.Maci.  If Amber weren't such a hot mess, Maci would be my least favorite.  I think Ryan is a typical young guy who doesn't have full custody of his kid.  Although he clearly loves him, he has other priorities.  Not condoning that, it just tends to happen.  Plus it's obvious Ryan's mom pushes so much for quality time with Bentley and for Ryan to pursue more visitation, etc.  Both Maci and Ryan seem like their parents will always be there for them to lean on and that's a good thing. 

So here's my beefs with Maci.  When it comes to Ryan, she is a total B.  Like I said, Ryan may not be a huge winner, but Maci has no reason to villainize him the way she does.  For instance when she calls him the night before his visitation to tell him she needs to pick Bentley up at 11 instead of 4.  Her excuse why she didn't need to give him more of a heads up was that he doesn't work, so he has nothing better to do.  That's not her business.  The way she treats Ryan shows her immaturity.  You have a kid, how about putting aside your bitterness and act civil towards each other?  My other beef is that Maci is whiny and seems to have no real ambitions other than sitting at home playing with her son.  This kid's gonna have attachment issues in the future cause his mom is so clingy.  How many times has she attempted college only to fail or quit because "it's so hard" being a mom and going to school.  Farrah did it!  I did it!  Anyone with half an ounce of determination can do it.  With her whiny voice and the fact she complains about everything and talks smack about Ryan non-stop, I'm not real sure why any guy would put up with her.

Amber Portwood:  I don't need to say a lot about Amber.  I think everyone realizes what a mess she is.  It's clear that she loves drama and being on camera makes it 80 times worse.  Her woe is me, the world is out to get me attitude is just plain annoying.  She flips out on everyone close to her for no reason because... she loves drama!  She says she loves her daughter, but if she really loved her she'd quit being so selfish.  It's pretty bad when she makes Gary look like a great dad.  (Don't get me started on Gary.)  Poor Leah doesn't stand a chance.  I think Amber needs to be spayed and have her parental rights taken away until she spends 5 years in a psyche ward learning to shape up.  She would do well to go to one of those teenager boot camps you see on talk shows.  I know she's not a teenager, but someone needs to scare the stupid out of her.

Catelynn Lowell: I don't have much to say about Catelynn either.  Yes, yes, she and Tyler are adorable.  But their lives seem boring and they don't have much in the way of personalities, so I don't really have much interest in their stories.  I am extremely impressed with how sane and mature they are based on what we've seen of Catelynn's mom and Tyler's dad.  And although it seems so hard, putting Carly up for adoption was the best choice possible.  Even though they seem to be in a good place now, in the beginning they were bouncing around between parents' houses and didn't have much support.

In addition to not having much personality, Tyler has that thing where when he's happy it comes off as annoying.  That's my own personal beef, though.  I know it's not a bad thing, but I'm a heartless B.

So now that I've spent this long giving my thoughts and opinions, I'd love to hear yours!  Fire away on whether you agree, disagree or wanna punch me in the throat.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

THE PRINCESS DIARIES: 10th Anniversary Edition + THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: Royal Engagement now on Blu-ray!!!

I could take Anne Hathaway or leave her.  I find that she only appeals to me when she plays roles where she is awkward or clumsy.  She's a pretty gal, but she just does best in comedic roles where she is not trying to pull off a huge amount of class.

Well, way back in the day (obviously 2002) I watched The Princess Diaries.  I found it to be quite charming and cute.  The premise is a geeky, awkward, fashion hazard of a girl who finds out she is a princess and becomes pampered and refined through the teaching of her grandmother.  It's a new kind of life for her that she is not accustomed to and she has to decide if its a role she wants to accept.  Add that to normal teenage drama and you have a conundrum on your hands!

In the Princess Diaries 2, Mia (Hathaway) discovers she needs to marry ASAP.  However, she wants the storybook romance and not some kind of arranged marriage.  She finds that while she's looking hard for the romance, it has actually fallen into her lap.

Both of these movies are definitely cute and have their funny moments.  Will they appeal to boys?  Not so much, but girls of all ages might like it!

MOTR Grade: B

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Princess Diaries Outtakes and Bloopers
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                                 Livin’ Like A Princess
The Princess Diaries Royal Bloopers
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Deleted Scenes – Introduced By Director Garry Marshall
“Breakaway” Music Video – By Kelly Clarkson
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Current Obstetrical & Pregnancy Beef

Okay, so let me put this in order of why I think I'm at the "annoyed" point that I'm at.

My ob/gyn sometimes is super busy and will have the nurse practitioner see his patients if he's running behind, but he says he doesn't want it to be more than once EVERY OTHER time.  Okay, so I'm at the weekly visit point in my pregnancy.  Well, THREE appointments ago the nurse practitioner had to see me because the doctor was running so far behind.  At that appointment she did feel around my stomach and said she thought the baby's head was down.  Also at that appointment I was informed (by a regular nurse) that the doctor had scheduled me an ultrasound in two weeks because the baby was measuring so big that my due date might be closer than was estimated.  So a nurse explained it to me.

Then TWO appointments ago I once again saw the nurse practitioner and this was because my doctor was on vacation.  She did not check baby's positioning and it was a routine appointment.  So LAST appointment (Thursday) I had my ultrasound and then met with... the nurse practitioner.  This was because my doctor was still on vacation and was due to return Friday.  So, at the ultrasound we found out that the baby was in breech position, it was estimating my due date as NEXT WEEK (10 days earlier than before) and that the baby was measuring 9 lbs 3 oz (with a give or take of 1 lb 6 oz.)  After my ultrasound was my appointment where I ended up seeing the n.p. as I mentioned.  Well, she doesn't generally look at the ultrasound results, but I talked to her about the findings.  She mentioned that being this far along my only options for him being breech were if a version (manipulating the baby by pushing on my stomach) or a c-section.  The N.P. said that she would put my paperwork on the doctor's desk so he'd be sure to see it when he came into the office Friday.

So of course Thursday night I come home and google my fingers off.  From what I read, a version is most often not performed after 37 weeks.  So, if I'm "39 weeks" now, I don't think they will do it.  However, guess when I wasn't 39 weeks... 3 appointments ago, 2 appointments ago...  when my doctor was unavailable.  Which makes me think I'm going to have to have a c-section.  My research said that it used to be that babies were delivered breech all the time, but nowadays doctors aren't trained for it and just opt for c-sections.  So it would make sense to me that they wouldn't want me to go into labor on my own.

BUT, guess who didn't get a call from the doctor Friday- that's right, this lady.  So here I am paranoid that if I go into labor on my own I'm gonna end up with a foot dangling out of my birth canal.  Is my doctor going to wait until my next appointment (Thursday) to tell me anything?  If so, what's the news going to be?  I just feel like it's pretty $hitty that no one would think that I should be in on the loop of what will happen or what should happen.

I know I could call the doctor and harass him until I get answers, but why should that be my job?  I've never had a c-section and although friends are telling me it's not that bad, I'm still pretty scared about the thought.

Anyway, I just wanted to vent about this as I know that if I did at the doctor's office it would fall on deaf ears and just be the "hormones talking."  Ugh.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Second Season is Now on DVD!!!

When the first season of Pretty Little Liars aired, I was hooked!  I had my DVR programmed and it was one of my favorite shows of the week.  I love stories about high school girl drama because thankfully- I'm not the one going through it!  

The show revolves around a group of friends whose Alpha friend goes missing one night while the girls are all having some kind of sleepover/get together.  Her name is Alison.  One year later, the girls aren't close friends anymore and Alison's body is discovered, but "no one" knows what happened to it.  Throughout season one, the girls keep getting texts from an anonymous "A" and she seems to know all of their secrets and threatens to expose them if they don't do what she asks.  And believe me, they all have some juicy ones!!

My favorite was Aria- her secret was an affair she was having with her high school English teacher- who she didn't know was her teacher when they first met... so juicy! 

And of course season one ended with a cliffhanger, which left me dying for season two to be released.  Of course, I've seen it, but if you haven't and you're dying to know what happened too, here's your chance because you can own Pretty Little Liars Season 2 on DVD now!!!
In the Season 2 finale we finally find out who the mysterious character is that plagued the Little Liars since Season 1. Who did you think ‘A’ was? What were some of the clues that led you to believe this? Can you reference the particular moment or scene which brought you to these conclusions?  I was suspicious of everyone and season one left me with no answers.  When we found out in season 2's finale who it "actually" was (I won't give it away in case you haven't seen it) I still found myself a little skeptical that although she had been doing many of the deeds, it seemed like there might have been someone else pulling her puppet strings.  I think season three will bring new twists that make us wonder if there was a different 'A.'
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And the new season of Pretty Little Liars is now in full swing on ABC Family Tuesdays at 8/7c. 

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Never Too Early to Plan Ahead for Holidays

I am cheap.  And by that, I mean frugal- at least I'd like to think so.  That's why instead of waiting until the last minute to buy things for holidays, I like to plan ahead throughout the year.  Whether it's buying Christmas lights on clearance, Halloween Costumes in June or stocking up on gifts all year long, it pays to buy things off season.

For instance, I mentioned costumes.  Most years I don't decide whether I'm going to go to a Halloween party until the last minute.  Then I end up going to a local department store and paying like 40 bucks for whatever they have available! 

Of course I'd like to wear an original costume, not something that 50 other people will have on.  Likewise I feel the same about the costumes my kids wear.  For kids Halloween costumes it's even worse!  Sure, there are a lot of options at the local stores, but even if there are 25 choices, there's a gazillion kids out trick-or-treating at the same time and I'd like to see my kids in something unique.  And I'm not crafty enough with a needle and thread to make my own.  So, my suggestion if you find yourself in this situation is to order something a couple months before Halloween (best time when you find yourself with some extra cash available) and then avoid having slim pickings and having to see your kids in something that 20 of their friends are wearing.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Releases on DVD Tomorrow!!!

When the first season of Pretty Little Liars aired, I was hooked!  I had my DVR programmed and it was one of my favorite shows of the week.  I love stories about high school girl drama because thankfully- I'm not the one going through it!  

The show revolves around a group of friends whose Alpha friend goes missing one night while the girls are all having some kind of sleepover/get together.  Her name is Alison.  One year later, the girls aren't close friends anymore and Alison's body is discovered, but "no one" knows what happened to it.  Throughout season one, the girls keep getting texts from an anonymous "A" and she seems to know all of their secrets and threatens to expose them if they don't do what she asks.  And believe me, they all have some juicy ones!!

My favorite was Aria- her secret was an affair she was having with her high school English teacher- who she didn't know was her teacher when they first met... so juicy! 

And of course season one ended with a cliffhanger, which left me dying for season two to be released.  Of course, I've seen it, but if you haven't and you're dying to know what happened too, here's your chance because you can own Pretty Little Liars Season 2 on DVD June 5!!!
Have you read the books? Did you know who ‘A’ was all along?  If you were unaware that the series was based on the books by Sara Shepard, now you know.  To date the series has 11 books and the twelfth is set to be released this December.  I have not read the books, and although I'd love to know who 'A' is, I'm not sure if I'm ready for that big of a spoiler!
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