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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh no she didn't!!!

Okay, so as a mom, this made me wanna strangle a first grader like I have never wanted to strangle one before!

Back story:  So we moved into our new house a couple weeks ago and there are lots of kids in the neighborhood that roam after school and on the weekends and since my kids were new, for about a week straight our house was the place to be for kids to hang out.  Well, there were these siblings, a first grade girl and preschool boy that would ride their bikes in the alley and were around, but it took them awhile to ask to play.  They only played outside and I was not a big fan from the get-go because they were rude to L for no reason and didn't want him to play with them because he was the youngest.  Well, I had the opportunity to meet their dad and he did NOT seem like a winner.  He had meth withdrawal mannerisms and talked S about the people in the neighborhood, but yet he is perfectly fine with his kids roaming it unsupervised.  So, he seemed shady and it started making me not be surprised that his kids were shady.

Well, I know that my daughter has a bit of an attitude at times.  Personally, I wouldn't play with her if I were her age- when she is tired, she gets CRANKY.  That leads to more bossiness and selfishness.  Now, I'm not saying she's a bad apple.  She doesn't realize she can alienate friends with this behavior.

So, like three days ago this first grade girl comes over to play and they are all playing in the backyard.  I don't know what happened to instigate it, but the girl called A a baby and went home.  Sure, name calling is totally rude and uncouth, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt that A was probably being mean.

Yesterday A was so anxious for someone to play with after school that she put her coat on and wandered around the porch and then sat inside with her coat on in case someone walked by outside so she could run out and ask them to play.  Yes, it was mildly creepy and sad, but that's what she did.  So, an hour later, the first grade girl and a boy are walking down the sidewalk and A immediately runs outside and asks if they want to play...

Here's where my anger comes in...

The girl SNUBBED A!!!  She just kept walking right by her with a haughty look on her face and blatantly snubbed her!  I could see tears immediately well up in my daughter's eyes and I opened the door and had her come inside.  She was just dumbfounded and said, "she didn't even say hi to me!  She just kept walking!"  I had to explain to her that it was very mean of that girl and that she should not play with her anymore because people who do things like that are not who you want to be your friends.

I just couldn't believe it!  That was a total bitch move that is usually something you see from high school girls or catty women!  All I can say is that was a feeling I don't want A or I to ever have to feel again!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


So my daughter's teacher informed me that I needed to purchase a milk card for her for snacks and that if I send $5 it buys the card and gets her 20 milks.

 No problem.

A has a binder that goes home with her every night and there are instructions on how to send money for anything.  There is a small manilla envelope labeled "money" and you are to put the money inside a different envelope, write what it's for and then put that inside the manilla envelope and close the flap so that the teacher knew there was money in it.  I did this exactly.  I even looked over the directions several times to make sure I did it correctly.

Yesterday I get a new note saying that Aurora still needs to buy a milk card.  This confused me so I decided to speak with her teacher today after school.  I informed her that I had sent money and she just kept telling me she didn't get it.  There was no apologeticness to her voice and she kind of blew me off like I was either lying or A took the money.  Well, I know I was not lying and A doesn't even understand the concept of money, nor would she have anywhere to spend it unless I took her somewhere, so she would have no reason to take the money.

So, after feeling a bit shamed by the teacher, I decided that I would not let it go so easily.  I know that is only $5, but it is the principle!  I went to the office to let the secretary know what happened.  She seemed apologetic and said she'd talk to the lunch lady to see if a miscellaneous envelope with money was turned in, but her final answer was the same as the teachers- I needed to send in another $5.

Well, I emailed the principal to lodge my complaint.  I understand it's not much money, but it frustrates me that the first time I send money, it disappears.  I specifically followed the teacher's instructions to the letter.

And before you think I am just being hormonal or I forgot to take my medicine today... neither of those is the issue.  I don't even feel angry, I just think this is some grade A bull hockey.  And I want them to know it too.  Oh, I will take the $5 in tomorrow and hand it directly to the lunch lady, but believe you me, I am NOT happy about it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is This a Girl Thing?

I like to think I'm not like all the other girls... of course that would be a little presumptuous of me.  I don't consider myself to be clingy, I'm not all about romance (although a little romance here and there is okay.)  So today, on one of my mind wandering trips, I was thinking about how men and women meet, date and either decide to be together forever or move on to the next poor sap.  The question always arises after an exchange of phone numbers about how many days the guy (or gal) should wait to call so as not to seem desperate.  Well, with texting and FB chat, that kind of makes a large gray area.

But, onto my point... For some reason, I like to know that I'm a hot commodity.  I've always had pretty good luck at getting the guy I've set my sights on.  But, is it a guy that I actually want?  I like attention, but only when I want it.  But I think it might be overkill of me to think that a guy should think about me at least once a day.  Therefore, I expect a text once a day saying, "hey!  I'm alive, are you?"  That's all... is that too much to ask?  Even if I don't wanna spend time with him or he doesn't want to spend time with me, I'd like to at least know that he remembers I exist.

Then what about those guys who send you 100 texts a day?  Should that make you worried?  Is there something to the idea of a chase?  Do chicks tend to fall harder for a guy who shows them tons of attention over a guy they like more, but doesn't show them enough?  Guys like a chase, right?  Do girls?  I recall liking guys here and there who didn't give me anything to chase, so therefore I wasn't interested.  But then when they stopped doting, I became interested again.  Then there was the one who I thought was interested, but then he would go days without letting me know that he was alive or checking to see if I was and although it was hard for me to throw in the towel, my pride made me. I know the Earth doesn't revolve around me, the tides don't come in because I'm happy, the sun doesn't rise and set by my moods... but don't we all want to feel a little special deep down?

I guess my point to all these ramblings comes back to these questions:  Is it really about the chase or do we decide to go with the one that shows us the most attention?  Is is possible to form a deep love with someone who can go days without speaking to you?  Do we just settle for what we can get because we can never get what we want?

My mind wonders...