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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh no she didn't!!!

Okay, so as a mom, this made me wanna strangle a first grader like I have never wanted to strangle one before!

Back story:  So we moved into our new house a couple weeks ago and there are lots of kids in the neighborhood that roam after school and on the weekends and since my kids were new, for about a week straight our house was the place to be for kids to hang out.  Well, there were these siblings, a first grade girl and preschool boy that would ride their bikes in the alley and were around, but it took them awhile to ask to play.  They only played outside and I was not a big fan from the get-go because they were rude to L for no reason and didn't want him to play with them because he was the youngest.  Well, I had the opportunity to meet their dad and he did NOT seem like a winner.  He had meth withdrawal mannerisms and talked S about the people in the neighborhood, but yet he is perfectly fine with his kids roaming it unsupervised.  So, he seemed shady and it started making me not be surprised that his kids were shady.

Well, I know that my daughter has a bit of an attitude at times.  Personally, I wouldn't play with her if I were her age- when she is tired, she gets CRANKY.  That leads to more bossiness and selfishness.  Now, I'm not saying she's a bad apple.  She doesn't realize she can alienate friends with this behavior.

So, like three days ago this first grade girl comes over to play and they are all playing in the backyard.  I don't know what happened to instigate it, but the girl called A a baby and went home.  Sure, name calling is totally rude and uncouth, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt that A was probably being mean.

Yesterday A was so anxious for someone to play with after school that she put her coat on and wandered around the porch and then sat inside with her coat on in case someone walked by outside so she could run out and ask them to play.  Yes, it was mildly creepy and sad, but that's what she did.  So, an hour later, the first grade girl and a boy are walking down the sidewalk and A immediately runs outside and asks if they want to play...

Here's where my anger comes in...

The girl SNUBBED A!!!  She just kept walking right by her with a haughty look on her face and blatantly snubbed her!  I could see tears immediately well up in my daughter's eyes and I opened the door and had her come inside.  She was just dumbfounded and said, "she didn't even say hi to me!  She just kept walking!"  I had to explain to her that it was very mean of that girl and that she should not play with her anymore because people who do things like that are not who you want to be your friends.

I just couldn't believe it!  That was a total bitch move that is usually something you see from high school girls or catty women!  All I can say is that was a feeling I don't want A or I to ever have to feel again!!!


  1. It's so sad how ppl can be in this world and it's sad it see it happening now in the younger ages these days. I can feel for what your saying, sad to see our own children get rejected. And your right no one needs friends like that. I'm sure A will meet lots of other friends and that snotty girl will wish she hadn't treated her that way to begin with. Treat others the way you want to be treated is my motto. I love reading your blogs, really gets my minds going on my own life situations.

  2. Oh, don't I hear you on the shockingness of how young behaviors start with kids these days! Having worked with students of all ages, I find my jaw dropping constantly. The things kids talk about in elementary are things I didn't even THINK of until high school! It's getting to be a scary world out there!

    And thanks for being a reader! I love it!