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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Eavesdropping on imaginary conversations.

This isn't the first time I've eavesdropped on my daughter talking to her imaginary friend.  I don't even know if it is her imaginary friend.  It could be that she is being followed by a ghost or spirit and she thinks there is actually someone there or perhaps she is just talking to hear herself talk.

Often times when she is way overdue for bed, she will act irrational and the littlest things will make her think the world is out to get her.  It is usually at those times that she will lie in her bed and cry and start saying things like, "Mommy hates me and I really didn't want to eat what we were having for dinner, but no one understands that I don't like it."  Now, granted this is probably for the benefit of whomever is in earshot because she wants us to know she isn't happy.

But it's the other times that seem kind of wackadoo.  I will catch her talking at length about some random topic and there is nobody there to listen.  Case in point, right now I am sitting in the kitchen with all the lights off.  She thinks everyone is asleep.  She was just in the bathroom and I could hear her perfectly.  She started telling this story about how she used to have a girl kitten and a boy kitten and the girl died and she found it dead.  Then she started talking about a dog we used to have... I wasn't sure what she was talking about with the dead kitten, but maybe that was at her dad's house after I moved out.  But anyway, she was just telling these stories as if someone were there to listen.

If I ask her who she is talking to she will just tell me that she isn't talking to anyone.

I know imaginary friends are normal, but I just feel like this isn't an imaginary friend.