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Friday, February 6, 2015

Huggies Wipes Shred Butts

As a mom of four, I'd have to say I've changed thousands of diapers.  Add to that the numerous kids I've babysat that were in diapers and you can add hundreds more to that number.  I think that makes me a quasi-expert in the diapers and wipes field.

Recently I have been babysitting a few kids part-time in my home while I finish up some school work and stay home with my 2 and 1 year old.  (Believe me, it sucks... a lot.) 

Buy wipes by the box to save money.

Ever since my first was born (9 years ago), I have loved Pampers Sensitive Wipes.  However, they get to be a bit expensive and so occasionally opt for White Cloud brand.  The thing I love is how they really are cloth likes, but like a linen with no real texture.  And they are sturdy.  The thing with the White Cloud ones is that they aren't easy to find.  Walmart hides them in the baby stuff section that is with beauty/medicine/health.  They don't keep them in the actual wipes and diaper aisle.  And not all Walmarts carry them.  Anyway, it is a bit more economical to buy these than Pampers wipes, but of course, the difference isn't THAT much.  And when I do get wipes I usually buy 6-8 packages at a time (and that only lasts us a little over two weeks, if that!)  So, I don't mind spending a tad extra on Pampers wipes because I buy them by the box, there again making them cheaper.

However, I have found that so many parents buy Huggies wipes and I don't understand it!  They are like paper towels!  Yet, of the 3 kids I currently babysit that wear diapers, all of their parents bring me Huggies wipes.  Same with the toddler I watched several months go before I moved.  I even tried to show her mom why Pampers wipes were better.  They are so much softer.
This is what the package of White Cloud wipes look like.

So as much as I hate using this word, I'm going to have to refer to butt holes.  I can't tell you how many times I've wiped a butt and it made their holes bleed a bit.  I'm not even wiping too hard.  And then they come with red and raw diaper areas for this same reason.  So 9 times out of 10 I just use my own wipes and reserve theirs for wiping hands and faces.

I don't understand it.  Why are people so loyal to Huggies wipes?  Do they not know any better?  Have they been lulled into the belief that since Huggies is a name brand that their products are the best?  Well I'm here to tell you that for the sake of your kids' butts, switch brands... NOW.  Or try wiping your butt with a wet paper towel and let me know how you like it.

You're welcome, children of the world.