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Friday, May 25, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Complete Second Season on DVD June 5!!!

When the first season of Pretty Little Liars aired, I was hooked!  I had my DVR programmed and it was one of my favorite shows of the week.  I love stories about high school girl drama because thankfully- I'm not the one going through it!  

The show revolves around a group of friends whose Alpha friend goes missing one night while the girls are all having some kind of sleepover/get together.  Her name is Alison.  One year later, the girls aren't close friends anymore and Alison's body is discovered, but "no one" knows what happened to it.  Throughout season one, the girls keep getting texts from an anonymous "A" and she seems to know all of their secrets and threatens to expose them if they don't do what she asks.  And believe me, they all have some juicy ones!!

My favorite was Aria- her secret was an affair she was having with her high school English teacher- who she didn't know was her teacher when they first met... so juicy! 

And of course season one ended with a cliffhanger, which left me dying for season two to be released.  Of course, I've seen it, but if you haven't and you're dying to know what happened too, here's your chance because you can own Pretty Little Liars Season 2 on DVD June 5!!!

In the weeks leading to the release of Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Second Season on DVD there will be an online promotion which will entail video clips from the second season. The challenge will be to guess who said specific lines or to find hidden characters from within the season for a chance to win Heather Belle Bags, Accessories and DVDs Signed By The Cast. 

"I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Pretty Little Liars."

Need Help Understanding Financial Aid?

I've been enrolled in college classes off and on for over a decade!  I just can't get enough and would love to be one of those life-long students, but unfortunately I'm not rich enough to afford something of that magnitude.  With the economy and job market the way that they are, college is definitely a necessity if you want to be competitive and achieve your life goals and dreams.

If you've never been to school and would like to, there are a great many things you should know about understanding financial aid.  From filling out the FAFSA to knowing what types of aid are available to you, there are a great many things to know.  If you have never even heard the word "FAFSA" then you really do need a helping hand!

There are many great websites out there to help you, but if you have a college in mind, I'd recommend getting in touch with them ASAP to find out what steps you need to take.  Not all colleges are as prompt as we'd like, so you might have to start researching some of the financial aid information on your own so that you have some kind of idea about what you're getting into.  But of course, all roads begin at filing your FAFSA

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Pick Up Your Copy of the Fifth and Final Season of Chuck!!!

Chuck is an action-comedy/spy-drama that is about an "average computer-whiz-next-door" named Chuck, played by Zachary Levi, who receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend who is now working for the CIA; the message embeds the only remaining copy of the United States' greatest spy secrets into Chuck's brain.

A hit among hardcore fans, Chuck has seen a great following, but unfortunately came to an end in January.  The final season  was released on DVD and Blu-ray May 8.
"In Season 5 episode ‘Chuck Versus the Hack Off’ we really get to see some of our humble hero’s computer hacking skills. In this episode directed by Zackary Levi, Chuck aka The Piranha must bypass the security systems allowing the team to infiltrate and grab the computer super virus, the Omen virus. Please share with your readers about a time where you had to call upon certain computer skill sets to complete the task at hand. Did you end up getting the job? Were you a bit surprised in how well you did?"
I like to think of myself as knowledgeable when it comes to computers, but I have to say, after a few attempts with old tricks to fix things, I feel completely lost and helpless.  Although I love blowing people's minds with computers and phones when they have never heard that fix-all wondrous problem solver: take the battery out!  When my BlackBerry is acting up, I start to get an annoyed panicky feeling until I remember to take the battery out and voila!- problem solved.  And several years back, a family member's computer was frozen and he was at a loss about what to do and I told him to take the battery out.  Of course he didn't trust me, so he waited for someone else to confirm the solution, he did it and voila!- computer no longer frozen.  But that's about the extent of my knowledge, lol.  But honestly, if I knew how to hack, the first thing I'd do is figure out to hack into the student loan system and delete all my student loan... maybe one day!
How about you?  Are you a computer genius? 
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Anyone Know Where There's a Local Nunnery?

I can only imagine how hard it is to raise a teenaged daughter.  I was one and I know that it was no easy task for my parents!  Granted, I think there were things that could have been done to make those years go a little smoother, but that's water under the bridge.

Well, my daughter is only 6 and the idea of her getting to be a tween and then teen has me already worried I may have to send her to a convent to keep her from getting corrupted by her peers!  For instance, there are a couple neighbor girls that come over on a regular basis to play and they are only a year older than A.  First of all, here I am hunting at all the stores for a one-piece bathing suit that covers her appropriately and these girls stroll over in bikinis!  Yesterday David kept having to ask one of them to pull the bottoms up because she had the plumber crack going on.  They just wander the neighborhood in these swimsuits and my poor granny heart worries for them and they aren't even my kids!

So then yesterday, while the girls were playing in the backyard, David & I were sitting in lawn chairs watching all the kids play and we overheard A use the phrases, "classic fail" and "I know, right?"  Although I'm familiar with both of these euphemisms, I do not use them.  I've heard David use IKR before, and I glared at him because I hate when people say that.  WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN???  After hearing that, we proceeded to have a conversation about how he's going to have to guard the door with a shotgun when A becomes a teenager and the thought of having another girl terrifies him for the same reasons.

Maybe I'm a prude who grew up in the stone ages, but I really don't think I am!  Then one of the girls suggested truth or dare and started talking about her boyfriend and they wanted to dare each other to "kiss the wall" or "kiss the tree" and of course, I had to step in and say that we don't talk about boyfriends, girlfriends or kissing at our house.  I know parents who think it's cute for their young children to have a boyfriend/girlfriend and tease them about it, but I'd like to instill in my kids that there are MANY MANY other important aspects to life than having a significant other.

What do you think?  Any moms of girls (any age) have these same conflicts?  How do you deal with it?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Musings

The first thing I always think about when it comes to Mother's Day is that I would think that the mothers of small children would actually want a BREAK for Mother's Day.  Of course, the hugs, kisses, attempts at helping with breakfast are super adorable, but really... I see these kids every day.  So for Mother's Day, wouldn't it be nice for someone to offer to babysit for three hours so you can drink a margarita and watch Golden Girls reruns?  And it never fails that the kids will at some point have a bad attitude or fight with each other- why would you get your hopes up thinking that they wouldn't just because it's Mother's Day?

But here's my other thought: my kids are young, so I don't know what it's like to be a mother of adult children.  What are the expectations?  What are the disappointments?  Do mothers of adult children have secret wishes for what they want to happen on Mother's Day or are they over it because it's not a "significant holiday" in their minds?  I'd be curious to know.  I know many mothers like to compare with coworkers and friends about all the "wonderful" things that their children did for them on Mother's Day.  The funny thing, though, is that these mothers probably get cussed out on the phone, belittled or yelled at by their children on a regular basis.  I feel like as an adult with a mother that whether I send flowers, give candy, some generic gift basket, it would seem moot.  I can't give my mom a break from being a mom because she doesn't have small children anymore.  I can make a point not to be rude or tell her anything that might upset her.  But it just seems like there's not a lot that an adult child can do... but like I said, I don't know what it's like, so I can't say what she wants.  I moved out 10 years ago, never moved back and gave her peace, does that count?

But anyway, these are just a couple of my thoughts I'm having this morning as Thoughtful David has taken my children out of the house to go get me a gift and stuff to make breakfast.  It's funny because in his mind, buying things makes the best gift, but really, it's the peace and quiet I enjoy while they are out running errands!

And lastly, a thought on my own mother:  I know there have been a good many times when I have been a horrible daughter.  Of course there were the teenage years when my total lack of respect probably made her rethink the 40 weeks (plus 16 days of being overdue) she spent carrying me.  I like to think that at least I can try to play the "I'm bipolar" card and hope that makes up for it, but I know that it was a culmination of teenage stupidity AND being mentally defective.  But luckily, my mom forgave me for all (and there were many) my stupid mistakes.

I used to joke with people when they asked me to keep a secret and I'd say, "the only people I will tell are my mom and my husband."  Of course, I'm not married anymore, so I tell my current SO.  Although I don't feel like I can tell her EVERYTHING, it's nice that when I'm upset I can shoot my mom an email and vent about it or call her and "gossip" about people and their stupid actions.  I can't remember where I heard this, but I once heard, "a mother can only be as happy as her most unhappy child."  So, I'm sure when I call her with my personal miseries if I have them, it's not good on her sanity.  And she doesn't usually give advice, but it's nice to have someone intelligent to bounce things off of.  So, hopefully my siblings are more unhappy than I so I don't have to feel guilty, haha.  (I'm not unhappy though, so she shouldn't stress about me.)

Anyway, long story short, my mom may not have been the biggest fan of children when I was little and she was a hard-working mom.  But I know quite a few women who were stay at home moms and their adult children can't stand them.  So, whatever kind of mom she chose to be as we were young, it worked because I have yet to meet anyone else's mom that I would rather have.  She's the best role model a girl could have and if one day I had even a tenth of the respect from my peers that she has, and if I raise a daughter who turns out half as awesome as I have, then I'd feel like I had accomplished a lot.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Chuck: The Complete Fifth and Final Season is Available NOW on DVD and Blu-ray!!!

Chuck is an action-comedy/spy-drama that is about an "average computer-whiz-next-door" named Chuck, played by Zachary Levi, who receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend who is now working for the CIA; the message embeds the only remaining copy of the United States' greatest spy secrets into Chuck's brain.

A hit among hardcore fans, Chuck has seen a great following, but unfortunately came to an end in January.  The final season comes out on DVD and Blu-ray May 8.
In the season finale of Chuck, Sarah and our good hearted hero find themselves sitting on a beach side by side. The married couple reminisces and share one final kiss as the scene fades. Do you think her memories were starting to come back? Did that ‘one magical kiss’ succeed in kick starting Sarah’s memories?  
I'm pretty jaded when it comes to romance, especially romance on tv's and movies.  So, I don't know as though I believe that the kiss sparked her memories so much as maybe she felt some kind of connection with Chuck that made her want to kiss him and feel close.  In instances like this, sure her short term memory could come back, but I'm thinking at this moment in the finale, they didn't.  What do you think?
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"I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'Chuck.'"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Would you buy your own signs?

I've seen those "Children at Play" signs before and often wonder how it is determined by the city where they go.  I had no idea you could buy your own signs to put in your yard.  (I'm assuming it would be illegal to put them on city property.)  I'd imagine that as long as it is not vulgar or profane, that it would be legal for citizens to put up their own traffic signs.

Likewise, I've been driving before and seen road signs in people's driveways and wondered where in the world they got theirs!  I think it would be cute to have your own road sign and back when I raised pekingese, I wanted one that said something like "Pekingese Drive" or "Peke Way."  I know I could have done a google search, but I'm making it easier for you: I found a site that you can order personalized street signs

Right now until I've decided for sure what town I want to put my roots in, I'm renting, so of course I'm not as worried about spiffying up my yard and letting future renters reap the benefits.  But when I buy my own home, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be putting signs and yard ornaments up that catch people's eyes as they drive by.  It won't be an excessively tacky amount, but just enough to turn heads (without causing a traffic accident!)

Brought to you by your friends at Safety Sign!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Childhood Memories: Rocks Edition

My memory to share today involves rocks and imaginative play.  My kids were playing store the other day and it made me remember something that I've remembered from time to time over the years.  I'm pretty sure my brother would be the only one to verify the factualness of these events.

I remember when I was young my brother and I would play store with rocks outside.  We would take crayons out and find big rocks and write what type of merchandise they were.  For instance, one might say microwave, one might say radio, etc.  Then we would use smaller rocks as money (not sure if we wrote amounts on them or not.)  We would take turns using our "money" and deciding what we wanted to buy.

It sounds incredibly dorky, but we lived out in the country and weren't inundated with useless toys, so we kind of had to make our own fun where we could.  Much different than these days when you can buy play money at the dollar tree.  When my kids were playing store, I was going to tell them they could use rocks as money and one of them held up these big fake play coins they had and said, "but we have money to play with."  Ah, yes... hard times our kids live in.

Bubble Guppies DVD Available Now!!!

I love Bubble Guppies!  It's one of the rare cartoons that doesn't annoy me to listen to while my kids are watching it.  It's also nice because my children are 4 and 6 and will both watch it, which is also rare for one of the "preschool" themed series.  The premise is that each episode the Guppies have a task that they need to complete and they go about trying to accomplish that task throughout the show while interacting with the other characters that live around them.

"Set to a soundtrack of catchy pop songs, Bubble Guppies infuses the core elements of kindergarten readiness, including: math, literacy, the arts, science and socio-emotional development. The DVD features a special double-length episode, “Bubble Puppy’s Fin-Tastic Fairytale,” guest-starring Wanda Sykes. In addition, families can enjoy two extra Bubble Guppies episodes, and DVD exclusive special features including a “Create Your Own Bubble Guppy” game, karaoke music videos and a jukebox song selection. Bubble Guppies closed 2011 as the top preschool series across all TV with kids 2-5."

MOTR Grade: B+

Bubble Guppies is now available on DVD!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Childhood Memories

Oftentimes I find myself thinking back about things I remember from when I was young.  The funny thing is that nine times out of ten if I run the memories by my parents or siblings, they don't think it happened or that it was a figment of my imagination.  But if that were the case, why would we remember them so vividly, especially if they were just mundane experiences?

Well, here's my theory.  Each of us is impacted differently by our experiences in life.  Perhaps something that I held onto was more important to me than one of my siblings who doesn't remember the event happening.  Likewise, my parents have four kids worth of memories plus all the years of memories that they didn't have children.  So, it would make perfect sense that they wouldn't remember every little detail and event that their children do.

I'm not a big fan of being wrong, and these are memories that I've had for YEARS, not just some random thing that popped into my head and I was like, "oh, yeah, I think I remember something like that happening."  No, these feel like genuine memories.  So, in that line of thinking, I've decided to start sharing some of these memories with my readers.  But, my point in all this is that they may or may not be disputed by the other parties involved.  Of course I think they are valid, but chances are, I'm the only one.  They will hereto be referred to as "Childhood Memories: ***** Edition."

Happy Monday!!!

The Complete Fifth and Final Season of "Chuck" is Available Tomorrow on DVD and Blu-ray!!!

Chuck is an action-comedy/spy-drama that is about an "average computer-whiz-next-door" named Chuck, played by Zachary Levi, who receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend who is now working for the CIA; the message embeds the only remaining copy of the United States' greatest spy secrets into Chuck's brain.

A hit among hardcore fans, Chuck has seen a great following, but unfortunately came to an end in January.  The final season comes out on DVD and Blu-ray May 8.
 In ‘Chuck Versus the Santa Suit’ it’s Christmas at the Buy More. Chuck’s sister Ellie is in full Christmas mode, meanwhile the Omen virus has infected computers worldwide. The virus causes holiday shoppers to panic and things get a little out of control. Please share with your readers about a similar holiday experience were things went awry. Were the crowds as nutty as they were at the Buy More? 
I'm one of those people that avoids crowds when at all possible.  I couldn't tell you the last time I've been to a Black Friday sale (I'll take Cyber Monday anyday!)  One thing I do get a kick out of, however is reading each year about what kind of mayhem has happened across the country at different Black Friday events.  I think last year was the year that I heard someone was tased by a fellow shopper.  I recall one year hearing about an unfortunate man that was trampled to death during a Black Friday rush!  People have been known to fight when trying to get to a hot ticket item and when the shelves are running low, it's like a blood sport!  So although I can't say personally that my holiday shopping experience has ever gone as wacky as what happened in the Buy More episode, I don't find it hard to believe that these things can happen!!!
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"I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'Chuck.'"

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dawn Power Clean Helps Moms Save Time!

(Okay, so it helps dads too!) 

I absolutely hate hate hate doing dishes.  Right now I don't have a dishwasher, so all dishes must be washed by hand, which I absolutely loathe, but of course, I can't expect my SO to do them all the time.  (Plus he tends to leave the pots and pans because he "forgets.)  So, between my abhorrence for doing dishes and not wanting to waste time on it when there are many other things I need to and want to be doing, the idea that Dawn now helps me save time is awesome!

The theory behind the new Power Clean line is that by soaking your dishes for only five minutes, it's the same effect of soaking them overnight.  "Discover DAWN’S BEST CLEAN with micro-scrubbing enzymes that power through food messes with ease, from everyday grease to tough lasagna dishes! Dawn Power Clean is available in Refreshing Rain Scent and Vibrant Fresh Scent."
I know if I have a dirty pan, I will soak it with dish soap overnight so I don't have to use as much elbow grease when washing it.  So, I took the challenge.  I made meatloaf and normally I would soak the greasy pan overnight, but used the dawn instead and filled the whole sink with hot water and Dawn Power Clean.  I didn't time it EXACTLY, but by the time I had the table and cabinets cleared and cleaned and was ready to start the dishes, most of the gunk on the pan had loosened up!  I was able to wash all the dishes at once, which made for one less thing I had to do later.

In regards to saving time, when it comes to keeping the kitchen clean, that's always important because we always sit down at the table for meals together.  It's tough to keep the counters and table clutter free, but it's easy to save time cleaning if what's underneath the clutter is already clean.  When I cook, I try to clean up as I go along- especially the stove.  SOMEONE I live with (won't say who) will spill on the stove when he's cooking and it gets dried on and stays until I cook.  I find that if you wipe things up right after they happen, it makes later cleaning a breeze!  What helpful time saving tips do you have when it comes to the kitchen?

And on another useful note- when I received my Dawn Power Clean in the mail to try, I was getting ready to wash my lawn chairs and put them out for the season.  They were covered in dirt.  I used the Dawn and some hot water and it cleaned them beautifully!!!

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