I don't proofread my posts before I publish them... cause I keep my thoughts au naturale.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello, My Name is Hamsterkitten, and I'm a Shopping Addict

I've inherited a gene that causes me to have an addiction... to shopping.  If there is the word sale or clearance on anything, my mom will buy it- in every color available.  I try to convince myself it's okay by going even further.  Thrift shops and ebay are my vices.  Okay, so clearance racks call to me and I find myself being a schizophrenic standing in the middle of the store listening to the sweet voices call out "over here, 75% off... that's practically free... they are pretty much giving you free clothes, come Hammy, come over and browse our rack."

I can't help it.  I'm a girl, I'm genetically predisposed to wanting to look pretty.  And clothes are how I do it!  My favorite thing about thrift stores and ebay is that I don't have to worry about running into people wearing the same thing.  I remember being in high school and like the only store in town to buy clothes other than WalMart was Maurices.  Well, I would see the same shirt on 50 girls and they each had that shirt in 5 colors.  Forget that, my friends!  I may have a dime a dozen personality, but I refuse to look like it!

Now, point me in the direction of a man with a wallet to support my habit.  Okay, better yet, point me in the position of a job that meets all my impossible requirements plus pays me at least a grand a week.  Either way, life is not fair if I can't spend some simple cash every day buying myself a new shirt because it's getting to the point where I may end up going out and someone will notice I'm wearing the same shirt I wore 3 months ago.

And yes, I'm being an overindulgent, wasteful person who is selfish and doesn't think about how the money could be going to impoverished children in third world countries.  It's my vice, so na na na na.

Here's my newest pair of shoes that I ordered with some extra ebay money a couple weeks back.  They are called "Maneater" and I'm pretty sure I love them the most right now.  Might be a tie with this pair of faux fur lined clogs that I bought on clearance at Cato a month ago.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guest Post from @MIH_Hitman

The following is a "guest post" from @MIH_Hitman.  It has to be one of THE BEST emails I have ever received.  I can't believe someone so young has such a great outlook on life.

From 12.22.10

You're quite welcome.  It's the only thing that has kept me going.  I literally wake up everyday and say to myself, "today will be a good day" and then give myself a high five and I'm ready to go.  Granted, it looks like a retarded clap, but it's the principle behind it.  I decide that no matter what, I'm going to have a good day.  And very rarely do I let things get to me and ruin anything that could be positive.  When you have nothing, everything is a small victory.  I think Michael Jackson said it best in 'Man In The Mirror' with the chorus, which says:

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change

Everything from your mood, outlook on life, how you perceive others, to whether or not the little inconveniences of daily life send you flying off the handle...they all start with a conscious choice that you make.  People don't seem to understand that.  Everything in their life doesn't have to stress them out or send them into a fit of rage.  They choose to act that way.  It's kind of sad.  I used to be that way, now I decide that life is way more than being pissed off at every little thing and getting worked up because there is always one pizza roll that is still cold no matter how long you microwave them.  I've learned a lot the last 2 years, and the main thing I've come away with is that, no matter what, I decide if I have a good day or not and it starts when I wake up and decide that I'm not letting life defeat me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Love My Mom!!!

My mom is like the greatest person.  Her mom was like the greatest person who ever lived.  She was the only person to date that has made me feel like no matter what I did she loved me to pieces.  I can tell that my mom shares a piece of my grandma's spirit.  I love that in her. 

No matter what our differences in opinions are, I feel sometimes that my mom and I are more alike than she would care to admit and I think my mom is an excellent role model.  I would love to be revered the same way that she is professionally.  So many people tell me that they love my mom and they miss her or enjoy working with her.  It makes me feel good to know that she has worked so hard to get to that position.

I know that sometimes she wishes she had been a little more involved with us as we were growing up, but hey, I know plenty of moms that were stay at home whose kids won't even speak to them now!  So, I'd say she did a pretty good job because I think she's a wonderful person, has a beautiful soul and is someone who I aspire to be like professionally some day soon! 

I love you, Mom!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Big Day is Almost Here!!!

I am moving into my new apartment Saturday and I am so excited.  This week is a flurry of packing, changing my address, giving my new information to business contacts, getting electric switched, all that good stuff.  I'm just beyond thrilled about this exciting new chapter to my life.  I have always been a firm believer that only we control our happiness.  I've met too many people that are miserable, but do nothing to change that.  We are fortunate to live in a free country where we are allowed to make our own decisions as long as they are legal.

When I was going to grad school a year or so ago, I was miserable.  I loved my job soooooo much there and my boss and my coworkers, but I could not handle the way the department was run like a nazi regime.   Driving there each day was like driving out of the sunshine and into a dark mass of clouds and no matter what I could not shake the feeling of abject misery.  So, I left.  I KNOW I will finish- I always do, it just takes me a little longer than the average person, lol. 

That's how I feel about leaving my current town.  There is nothing here for me.  I can only go so far career-wise in a town with a dwindling population of approximately 10,000.  I will absolutely miss my friends and my family, but I am not far enough away that I can't visit as much as I want.  But I feel like I'm constantly under a dark cloud here.  There is so much gossip and drama.  People who never speak to me normally are gossiping trying to fill in the blanks left from my facebook statuses about moving.  Family members are jumping on the bandwagon of putting me down, making me feel like I'm a horrible human being that has nothing but selfishness in my heart.

I KNOW I'm a good person.  I love my kids more than anything and I want to show them by example that you can do anything you want with your life.  I'm a strong, independent person and this move is going to let me prove that to the world.  I'm not scared, I'm purely excited.  There is for once in my life no man motivating my choices, I'm doing this for me.  I know my kids will have the best life I can possibly give them and I am not worried for their future.  My daughter will see how successful a woman can be on her own and she will realize that she doesn't need a man to make or break her. 

If you know me, don't judge me.  Be HAPPY for me.  I am not intentionally hurting anyone, I refuse to spend the life that I have left being unhappy and not being brave and trying for the things I want in life.  If you have questions, ask me.  There is only one person that knows what is going through my head and that is me.  Don't speculate and fabricate.  I'm an honest person and although I try my hardest to be positive and not put anyone down, I know I'm not perfect.

If you don't know me, just know I'm happy and excited about where my life is headed.  Everyone has it in them to change their situation, although it may seem impossible at times.  My theory is when life hands you lemons, make zest with them all! 

I love you all!  (Even the haters.)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hidden Agendas and Weebles That Wobble, But Won't Fall Down

I'd like to think of myself as a butterfly that was in a cocoon for about 8 or 9 years after spending the beginning of my life lamely eating leaves and being blown around by tires rumbling down the highway.  Thankfully I squeezed through the treads in order to find my way to a comfortable spot that I could lie in wait of the fateful emergence that would let me fly out in the world, on my own.  Now, only downside to this analogy: butterflies are gorgeous.  I'm more of a moth.  But a shiny moth, nonetheless!

Now, onto the hidden agendas.  In this metamorphosis,  I have come to find that the best way to survive in this world is not to trust ANYONE.  I mean A-N-Y-O-N-E.  The world is inherently a selfish place and therefore we are all inherently... selfish.  I will admit, I am selfish, most would say to a fault.  I also consider myself to be very giving... some might say to a fault.  And I'm sure you're reading this thinking, "wow, what a bitter outlook on life!" 

BUT NO!!!  Therein lies the crazy part!  I love life right now!  Sure, I get a kink in my armor here or there and a rain cloud may follow me from one end of the block to the other, but really, doesn't life rock??  I'm healthy, my kids are awesome and healthy.  The world is at my fingertips and I'm ready to explore it!  So, I have decided that really, no one can be trusted.  I will admit, I can't be trusted.  Sure, I'm honest about most things, but remember- I'm selfish.  I have found that whether it is something as little as a white lie or one of those "lying by omission" situations, EVERYONE lies.  But it's okay.  I'm okay with it.  It's frustrating when two people are saying the other is lying, but I'll roll, I'll handle.

We are all in it for ourselves.  Whether we are doing something to make money, to score, to get to the pearly gates, to snag that job or steal that friend (or even that friend's boyfriend), let's for once be honest in saying that we are selfish... and sometimes it's okay.  We lie... and it's not always the end of the world.  But with my grain of salt deeply embedded into the lining of my skirt pocket, I shall wander the paved streets and the smooshy mud next to CVS Pharmacy and know that everything I'm told, everything I hear may have a little bit of untruth to it.

And to that I say, bring it!!!  I can handle your untruths and keep walking with my head up.