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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello, My Name is Hamsterkitten, and I'm a Shopping Addict

I've inherited a gene that causes me to have an addiction... to shopping.  If there is the word sale or clearance on anything, my mom will buy it- in every color available.  I try to convince myself it's okay by going even further.  Thrift shops and ebay are my vices.  Okay, so clearance racks call to me and I find myself being a schizophrenic standing in the middle of the store listening to the sweet voices call out "over here, 75% off... that's practically free... they are pretty much giving you free clothes, come Hammy, come over and browse our rack."

I can't help it.  I'm a girl, I'm genetically predisposed to wanting to look pretty.  And clothes are how I do it!  My favorite thing about thrift stores and ebay is that I don't have to worry about running into people wearing the same thing.  I remember being in high school and like the only store in town to buy clothes other than WalMart was Maurices.  Well, I would see the same shirt on 50 girls and they each had that shirt in 5 colors.  Forget that, my friends!  I may have a dime a dozen personality, but I refuse to look like it!

Now, point me in the direction of a man with a wallet to support my habit.  Okay, better yet, point me in the position of a job that meets all my impossible requirements plus pays me at least a grand a week.  Either way, life is not fair if I can't spend some simple cash every day buying myself a new shirt because it's getting to the point where I may end up going out and someone will notice I'm wearing the same shirt I wore 3 months ago.

And yes, I'm being an overindulgent, wasteful person who is selfish and doesn't think about how the money could be going to impoverished children in third world countries.  It's my vice, so na na na na.

Here's my newest pair of shoes that I ordered with some extra ebay money a couple weeks back.  They are called "Maneater" and I'm pretty sure I love them the most right now.  Might be a tie with this pair of faux fur lined clogs that I bought on clearance at Cato a month ago.

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