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Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Current Obstetrical & Pregnancy Beef

Okay, so let me put this in order of why I think I'm at the "annoyed" point that I'm at.

My ob/gyn sometimes is super busy and will have the nurse practitioner see his patients if he's running behind, but he says he doesn't want it to be more than once EVERY OTHER time.  Okay, so I'm at the weekly visit point in my pregnancy.  Well, THREE appointments ago the nurse practitioner had to see me because the doctor was running so far behind.  At that appointment she did feel around my stomach and said she thought the baby's head was down.  Also at that appointment I was informed (by a regular nurse) that the doctor had scheduled me an ultrasound in two weeks because the baby was measuring so big that my due date might be closer than was estimated.  So a nurse explained it to me.

Then TWO appointments ago I once again saw the nurse practitioner and this was because my doctor was on vacation.  She did not check baby's positioning and it was a routine appointment.  So LAST appointment (Thursday) I had my ultrasound and then met with... the nurse practitioner.  This was because my doctor was still on vacation and was due to return Friday.  So, at the ultrasound we found out that the baby was in breech position, it was estimating my due date as NEXT WEEK (10 days earlier than before) and that the baby was measuring 9 lbs 3 oz (with a give or take of 1 lb 6 oz.)  After my ultrasound was my appointment where I ended up seeing the n.p. as I mentioned.  Well, she doesn't generally look at the ultrasound results, but I talked to her about the findings.  She mentioned that being this far along my only options for him being breech were if a version (manipulating the baby by pushing on my stomach) or a c-section.  The N.P. said that she would put my paperwork on the doctor's desk so he'd be sure to see it when he came into the office Friday.

So of course Thursday night I come home and google my fingers off.  From what I read, a version is most often not performed after 37 weeks.  So, if I'm "39 weeks" now, I don't think they will do it.  However, guess when I wasn't 39 weeks... 3 appointments ago, 2 appointments ago...  when my doctor was unavailable.  Which makes me think I'm going to have to have a c-section.  My research said that it used to be that babies were delivered breech all the time, but nowadays doctors aren't trained for it and just opt for c-sections.  So it would make sense to me that they wouldn't want me to go into labor on my own.

BUT, guess who didn't get a call from the doctor Friday- that's right, this lady.  So here I am paranoid that if I go into labor on my own I'm gonna end up with a foot dangling out of my birth canal.  Is my doctor going to wait until my next appointment (Thursday) to tell me anything?  If so, what's the news going to be?  I just feel like it's pretty $hitty that no one would think that I should be in on the loop of what will happen or what should happen.

I know I could call the doctor and harass him until I get answers, but why should that be my job?  I've never had a c-section and although friends are telling me it's not that bad, I'm still pretty scared about the thought.

Anyway, I just wanted to vent about this as I know that if I did at the doctor's office it would fall on deaf ears and just be the "hormones talking."  Ugh.

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