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Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Mommy Trivia!!!

Starting today, I will have a Monday Mommy Trivia. I will ask one question each Monday that pertains to things mommy related, be they personal, celebrity, cultural, etc. The rules are simple. The first person to get the right answer wins $5. You must have a paypal account to enter as I will send the $5 to the winner's paypal account using the email address you provide.

That's it! Good luck!

Today's question is:

How much did my son weigh at birth?


  1. I've looked thru old pasts..your profile etc but I still don't see it. Will you give a hint??

  2. You won't find the answer to this anywhere on my blog... it is kind of a guessing thing this week.

    Let's just say he was a big boy!

  3. LOL I even looked on your dog website!!!!!!

    HMMMM.....9lb 2 oz???

  4. Keep trying! You are within a pound!