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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Celebrity Mommy News!!

Guess who is pregnant with twins!

Molly Ringwald! If you don't know who this 40 year old actress is, you must be either very young, very old or very Amish, lol. She is the lovely redhead who became famous with her huge 80s hits like Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink. She is now one of the stars of ABC Family's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." Her husband Panio Gianopoulos is 33 (you go, Girl!) and they have a five year old daughter named Mathilda. Reportedly the twins are a boy and a girl and Molly is due in August.

If you don't watch The Secret Life, you are missing out! This is one of my must DVR shows and airs on Monday nights (thankfully at other times other than its first airing at 7pm central as I'm already recording Gossip Girl and House at that time.) The shows centers around the Juergens family (Molly plays mom Anne). There are two daughters, Ashley (13) and Amy (15). Mom and dad are going through a separation/divorce and Amy is pregnant. There is a huge cast and other storylines about many of the other kids at Amy's high school and their families.

According to what I've read, Molly's pregnancy WILL be written into the show (not sure how they'd hide her TWIN bump!) That will be very interesting as it will make life even more hectic for the Juergens family having a grandchild growing up with a new sibling! (I know someone like that in my town, lol.) Anyway, I'm also anxious to find out how it will change the divorce dynamic. Is it Mr. Juergen's baby or Anne's one night hook-up? Juicy!

Anyway, congrats to Molly and a bummer for my husband who finds her very attractive as this puts her even more off the market!

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