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Friday, May 15, 2009

My Thoughts On: Dust

Dust is stupid. Why do we have dust? Okay, don't answer that, cause I do know.

I actually enjoy doing laundry. I enjoy vacuuming, I enjoy the smell of bleach and the feeling of an extremely clean room. I may be a freak like that, but hey, you gotta love the small things in life!

But I will NOT dust. I'll wash the curtains that get dusty. I wash my bedding all the time, so no dust there.

You will NOT catch me with a dust rag or a swiffer.

Want to know why? Cause it's never ending! You dust today, it's dusty tomorrow. Dust is like a veil of dirty that covers everything you own, but will not stay away. And since I currently live in a cruddy old farmhouse, dust comes in every crack and crevice imaginable. Also, I'm allergic to dust and just washing the curtains will give me a 3 day sinus infection. This is part of the reason for my mini blind rampage in which I decided to burn them all as they are nothing but dust magnets.

And now that I have you thoroughly disgusted thinking about how dusty my house is, let me quasi assuage your fears. My house DOES get dusted from time to time, just not by me. Luckily I married a clean freak who actually enjoys dusting. When they invented Swiffer, he developed a crush and it's his favorite cleaning product. He also uses the WetJet on the hard wood floors. If he wants to clean, who am I to get in the way?

What are your thoughts on dust? Do you despise it as much as I do?


  1. Since I'm not much into dust, I changed the word 'dust' into porn...

    You're an....interesting....individual! Mwa Ha Ha...

  2. You are sooo funny!! I loved reading this. I'm married to a clean freak too so he's disapointed alot LoL!! I tried to clean my mini blinds and like a dingbat i sprayed them thinking i could just wipe it off that way Man were they dirty after i did that there was no getting them clean however i recdified the situation by taking them down then they were very clean!

  3. ying- you crazy!

    photo- you took down your blinds, too? a woman after my own heart! lol