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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Response from Johnsonville Brats

In reference to my Dear Johnsonville post, I have received an answer from the company:

May 14, 2009

Dear {hamsterkitten}:

We appreciate you taking the time to write us with your questions regarding our sausage products. We are pleased to hear of your interest in our products.

Thank you for sharing your blog with us. It is always delightful to read how much our consumers, such as yourself, enjoy our products. We would also like to apoligize to you and your family member for the cheese burn sustained while enjoying our Cheddar Brats. When properly prepared on a grill, the temperature inside of a brat can reach 180 degrees or more, causing the cheese to become liquified. It is always recommended to allow our products a fair amount of time to cool off before consuming.

We would love to send you some coupons for our Cheddar Bratwurst. The coupons will arrive in the mail within 7 days and can be redeemed at any of your local stores.

At Johnsonville, we don't want to just satisfy our customers, we want to elate every one of them. We truly appreciate you contacting us with your questions and comments; please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions and/or comments in the future. We would love to hear from you again!


Brooke {M.}
Consumer Relations

I am super impressed! Not only were they quick to respond, but they seemed equally fun in their response! I will keep you posted on whether I receive the coupons or not (which I will of course share with my injured family member!) But, receiving a response such of this, just affirms why they are such a great company!


  1. Very impressive indeed...

    And I've been loving Johnsonville Brats for close to 30 years...

    Go Cardinals! (heh-heh)

  2. WOooo Hooo!!
    Its always nice when a company actually acknowledges you and attempts to remedy a situation!!

  3. Yes, their customer service is very good indeed! (Unlike Starburst who I've yet to hear from!)

  4. Cool deal!!


  5. Wow good response!
    I hope that was there typo with apologize.