I don't proofread my posts before I publish them... cause I keep my thoughts au naturale.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hey, My Brain DOES Work!

I don't pat myself on the back enough, so I'm gonna do that real quick. (For those of you saying, "yes, you do, you're so conceited I hate you", play along.)

So, it was frustrating to me that my blog did not stretch all the way across the screen. If you've been reading my posts for awhile, you'll know that I googled my way into finding out how to make it three columns. By the time I was done, I had to hibernate for a week to get over all the brainpower it took! Well, needless to say, the thought of now figuring out how to widen my margins was more effort than I wanted to put forth. So, I asked one of my favorite tweeples to lend a hand. But, since he's a guy, he was unlikely to get it done in the speed I'd like (I am an impatient person here!) After staying up way later than normal, I went to bed, but could not stop thinking about how to expand my margins and how much better it would look. After the stress itch consumed me (see last month's post) I decided to head back to the laptop so I didn't wake up sleeping L. I resolved to figure this margin thing out and guess what! It took me a whole 2 minutes and I figured it out by myself!

Then, this morning, blogger presented me with an error that didn't let me see my blog. This was not good, cause how would my loyal readers satisfy their curiosity? After a little bit of google digging, I found a link that offered the solution! Perfect!

Despite only getting four crummy hours of sleep, this is looking to be a decent day. I made myself proud AND the UPS guy came! Four days this week! Jesus really loves me, you know? So assuming the lack of sleep crankiness doesn't consume me, today just might be a good day!