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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The CP Chronicles: Chapter Two (Rose)

Rose was another of my favorites. She was probably top 3. And she was another bipolar individual, but I'm not too sure there wasn't something else there like post traumatic stress disorder. Look at me, thinking I can diagnose, lol.

Anyway, Rose was a wild one! She was in her mid 50s and was a former hairdresser. She was feisty as they come and for some reason she thought my name was "Hans." Yes, that's right. I said "Hans." She just got it in her head that was my name and she never called me anything else.

On her good days, Rose was a peach. We'd sit and chat at the table and she'd tell me stories about her life. She was married once, divorced, no children and a strange attachment to her elderly parents who visited every so often. When she was in her manic phase, she'd roam the halls (I should say scrape as she'd wear these house slippers that would sound like sandpaper dragging across the concrete floors.) She'd look for anyone to jest with and if you weren't looking, she'd occasionally pinch your butt and sometimes more! She was just being her quirky self, and it was not an unpleasant side.

Then there was her depressive phases. She was in love with a resident there named Jack and she pined for him when she was down. He had no idea she was in love with him and often didn't seem to have too many ideas anyway. (Overmedicated?) So, when she was depressed, she would lie in her bed and cry about the fact that Jack didn't love her. Sometimes she wouldn't want to leave her room for a week.

And as life goes, Rose was transferred to another facility when CP closed down. It was hard to say goodbye, but that is always a hurdle we meet at some point in our lives.


  1. Saw you post on Twitter and had to read. Unfortunately i have to go out but, what pretell does CP stand for?

  2. You're the first to ask! It's the initials of the name of the facility I worked at. To remain more anonymous, I went with initials instead of a fake name.

    Thanks for reading!!!

  3. Very interesting. I once worked in a Hospital that had an SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) It was filled with some of the best people I've ever known. I can share your feelings toward those that stand out in your memory.

  4. Yep, they definitely left an imprint in my memories that I'll never forget!

  5. I can identify with Rose. I hope I leave an imprint in someones memories as Rose has for you.

  6. I can identify with Rose. I hope I leave an imprint in someones memories as Rose has for you.