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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tell Me How Much You Hate Me!!!

This is just a little post where I touch base with all my adoring (and hating) fans. First, I wanted to thank anyone that reads this blog because it's nice to know that people care! I question whether I fit into that typical "mommy blogger" mold, but I accept that people think that I do. Oh, well!

In terms of things coming up, I will continue to write original content as it comes to me. As you know, I don't just write because I feel like I should. I write when I'm inspired. And sometimes, I'm completely uninspired, so I'm not going to force a blog post. Also, I will continue to be doing movie reviews. Why? Cause I get the movies for free to review and no amount of complaining is gonna make me think that's bad! I loooooooooove watching movies... and I love free stuff. Sooooo... sue me! Also, I'll continue to post giveaways as things come in for me to give. Hopefully at some point all of my followers will win SOMETHING. Maybe I'll giveaway a lock of hair...

Anyway, the other point to this post was that I am welcoming feedback. Are there things that you like or don't like? What kind of posts do you prefer that I do? Also, you can tell me if there's anything about the layout that you'd like me to change. Chances are I won't cause I love it, but it never hurts to say.

Lastly, starting this Friday, I'm going to do Follow Friday posts where I recommend ONE new person that I think you should follow on Twitter. Again, my twitter is @hamsterkitten, so feel free to check me out!

Thanks again, guys! I've got mad love for you all!!!


  1. Where to start????

    Well, I hate that we're so much alike...hmmm...that's it for the hates! (It makes me feel bad for you in a funny, quirky, not really way...)

    I love that I met you on Twitter and we're so much alike (is that okay, that I love that and hate it? )

    Anyway, give those babies some lovin' for me!


  2. I love your blog, and your tweets! (that sounds naughty!)

  3. Well you ladies are just being too nice! LOL... how can I change the error of my ways if you do nothing but flatter me and inflate my already inflated head?

    But I still love you!!!

  4. My favorite part of your blog is your movie reviews. I really like your MOTR grade and how you tell whether it is family friendly, etc.


  5. I actually just found you blog last week! So since I am coming back I don't think I have anything to complain about. I really like your honesty.

  6. Again, you guys rock! And I think it's cool that people actually read my movie reviews, lol.