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Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Thoughts On: Jon & Kate Plus 8

Because I know you guys really care about what I think about this topic and because it is mommy related and in pop culture right now, I've decided to throw my hat full of two cents into the ring.

I have mixed feelings about who I blame for the dissolution of this marriage. My first instinct was to blame Kate because from watching clips of her on the couch, she seems like a total B. She's always putting Jon down and belittling him in front of the whole world. And if there's one thing a dude hates, it's being embarrassed.

Then there's the side of me that wants to blame Jon. One, cause he's a guy... and they are usually wrong. But, as my friend Crystal pointed out, you try being a stay at home mom to eight kids and try to be in a good mood all the time. I say amen to that, sister! I didn't think about it that way. For years, Kate was a stay at home mom...to... EIGHT... kids. I only have two and contemplate blowing my brains out every five minutes. And if snapping at people is all I do, then they need to consider themselves lucky!

So, now I'm riding the fence. Do I like Kate? No. I can't like anyone that takes picture of her children's poop. That's right. I attempted to watch ONE episode like the first season and it happened to be when she was potty training the kids and she literally took pictures of their poop. I quickly turned the channel and emptied the contents of my stomach. I'm sorry if you take pictures of your kids' poop cause I probably just totally alienated you, but... it's so wrong it hurts.

And do I like Jon? No. First being that he's kinda ugly. And that bothers me. Second reason being that I don't like guys that cheat. Whether he's cheating or not, I don't know for absolute certain, but running around with another chick when your wife is not there is not okay in my book. That is humiliating to her and so disrespectful.

So my conclusion? Take their 8 kids plus the Octomom's 14 kids and give them to Angelina Jolie. Everyone's a winner!


  1. Your last line, "So my conclusion? Take their 8 kids plus the Octomom's 14 kids and give them to Angelina Jolie. Everyone's a winner," cracks me up!! That is classic. So funny.

  2. I think your solution may just be a stroke of genius. Please work on our country's recession problem too love! :)

  3. really an elegant solution to the problem. It seems like you could load Angelina with all sorts of kids and she would be happy.

  4. I think Kate needs to get rid of her Boyfriend/bodyguard of the last year and maybe stay at home and raise her kids.Kate was the first with the boyfriend .I don't know how true but I did hear Jon is the one who is with the kids 21 out of 30 days because she is promoting her book and never home. Its really sad when you make a man quit his job so you can take off.I think Jon has to grow a pair
    Money is nice but its not everything
    I just had to put my 2 cents in

  5. Peggy, I had to chime in....
    She didn't make him leave his job. He says he made the choice. She had to leave her job, as a nurse, first to raise those kids while he worked to support them financially. Don't you think it's her turn for adult interaction instead of talking with kids all day? She told him to go back to school, take up a hobby, whatever he wanted. Turns out his hobby is 23 year old teachers.

  6. I love that you guys think my solution of giving the kids to Angelina is a good one! And Elena, my solution to the recession is legalizing marijuana and taxing it.

    Peggy, it sounds to me like they both are neglectful in some way!

  7. I think they are both messed up in the head personally.