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Saturday, June 13, 2009

For the Dogs: A Moral Question

Okay, so I find myself in a moral debate with... myself. These neighbors moved in about a year ago a few houses down. (I live out in the country.) When they moved in, they had 3 dogs. The dogs were always running out in the streets, chasing cars, etc. At one point, my dad almost hit one and called me to ask whose dogs they were. I told him and he stopped by to talk to them about it and they didn't care. Surprise of all surprises, two of the dogs have since "disappeared" and one neighbor told me that they knew for sure one was hit by a car.

Our other new neighbors moved in around the same time and got two little dogs. Both were hit by a car and died. So, before getting new dogs, they put up a little fence in their backyard and the dogs don't run loose. Good thinking!

Now back to the first idiots. So, what do they do? They go buy this adorable little cocker spaniel puppy. And since they've had her, she's always out in the road with the original car chaser that's left. And she comes over to my yard on a daily basis. It is so often that I have trained her not to jump on my kids. She hangs out all the time, but she crouches and cowers like she's been hit. I feel bad cause she's a sweet dog and clearly these people should not have dogs.

Add to the fact that they had these two ducks they bought for their pond that now for some reason hang out in my yard too... what am I, the Beastmaster?

So what should I do? I've thought about trying to find someone to take her and have even considered throwing her in my dogs' fence until the people come looking for her. But both those things would be considered stealing. Should I just wait for her to get hit by a car? We live outside the city limits, so there's no one I can call about it cause it's not violating any ordinances.

Oh, plus they named her Buttercup. And that's just reprehensible.


  1. I feel for you. The best investment you can make at this point would be a good fence for your whole yard. A big investment I know, but worth it in the end. It would also increase your property value.
    Good fences make good neighbors!
    Good luck,
    Lisa (MsFitUniverse)

  2. Ha Ha! Buttercup was the name of my hamster growing up. It is a lame name.
    Call the animal control and get that doggie out of there! poor thing