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Monday, June 22, 2009

A New Day!

I'm so excited about how L is progressing. He's almost 18 months and is clearly phasing from a baby to a toddler. In the last month I can't believe the transitions he has made! He says like over 50 words and repeats many new ones each day. Plus, he is getting that little kid girth where you feel like you're picking up a child and not a baby.

So, two recent happenings have made me even more thrilled about his progress. About two weeks ago he began actually sitting and watching cartoons! He will sit on the little couch and watch cartoons with A or even when A is not around, he will sit there. He will clap when the show says clap, he will repeat when they tell him to repeat a word and it's like he actually comprehends what is going on. Then, it was adorable the other day because he was watching Diego and I looked over and he had went and got A's Diego doll and was holding it- adorable!

Then, the new thing that happened today was even more spectacular! I have always said that I am jealous of those people whose kids will just go to sleep anywhere at the drop of the hat. My kids fight sleep like it's a poltergeist out to get them! They just do not seem willing to go to sleep. I try to explain to them how they should embrace these days of getting good amounts of sleep, but they don't get it.

So, anyway... I had put A down for her nap and was doing a couple things while L watched cartoons. I went to check on A and when I returned, L had fallen asleep on his little couch! I was floored! I didn't have to rock him to get him to take his nap! I laid him on a blanket on the floor and he's been there for about 45 minutes sound asleep.

Is this a new day for me and mine? Are easier days a'comin? If so, I will totally embrace them with open arms! It would be great if by the time grad school starts in the fall, L is oodles easier, because that will just make life easier in general.



  1. Yay for naps!! But be careful - he will grow up so fast, you will get sad thinking about these days :)

  2. I hear that a lot. I think I'll have to wait and see on that one, lol.