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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Schmooper Bowl

Do rabid football fans know what it feels like to NOT care about the Super Bowl? The only positive things I attribute to Super Bowl Sunday are funny commercials and yummy snack food. The funny commercials are a moot point because I have DVR and skip them anyway, but if there is enough buzz about one, I'll watch in on YouTube. And the food would on be enjoyed if I were invited to someone's house for a Super Bowl party.

Now, I understand that people have teams that they are willing to pitch a fit over, but if your team is not playing in the Super Bowl, what is the appeal? For that matter, why are sports so "fun" to watch when you don't even know the people playing? Is there something that is secretly being invested in the outcome of the game? Aren't sports just supposed to be a healthy past time?

Anyway, I know I'm in the minority, but I could care less about the Super Bowl. You won't catch me yelling at a ref who made a bad call (fyi, they can't hear you)and you won't hear me shouting "go, go, go" hoping that a first down is about to be had.

No, on this SB Sunday, which also happens to fall on my parents 40th wedding anniversary and my dog's 5th birthday, I will not be plopped in front of the television... oh, wait, I will.... just not watching the Super Bowl.


  1. **APPLAUSE**

    You've nailed it completely. I've never really been into sports, and as an expat Brit, I fail to see the excitement in American Football (to me, football is what you call soccer). I always joke to my American friends that (American) football is rugby for wimps - why else would they wear all that body armour, helmets and stuff.

    So no, I wasn't watching the Superbowl either. And what's a "first down" when it's at home? ;)

  2. Applause? For me? You're too kind, lol. And I love your comment about football being rugby for wimps!