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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh, No You Didn't!

Parents often get judged for the decisions they make regarding parenting. It can be something as simple as buying the wrong brand of diaper to those controversial topics like breastfeeding.

In my short run as a parent, I have been judged for things such as letting my daughter wear flip flops in the fall, not having a hat on their heads when it is 50 degrees out or when I should wean them off pacifiers. I usually just roll my eyes or brush it off.

I think the most annoying one was on the issue of being a stay at home mom. I would love to go out and work, but with trying to finish school and not making a ton of money, it isn't really feasible. Well, someone tried to tell me that working moms were selfish and that if I loved my children, I should stay home and raise them, not let a stranger raise them. That offended me because not only do I intend to be a working mom at some point, but my own mother was a working mom and I do not feel like I was less of a person for her having done so. I made sure to tell her that my mom was an excellent mother and I never faulted her for working!

I anticipate lots of dirty looks and raised eyebrows in my child rearing future, but hopefully my kids will turn out to be happy, healthy citizens!

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  1. I'm an older Mom but I'd get comments too - especially breastfeeding 23 years ago. It wasn't too popular then!

  2. I didn't realize breastfeeding used to be unpopular! I know now it is a hot topic, but I thought that this was a recent trend to not breastfeed. That's one of those topics that is almost as taboo as religion and politics!

  3. People are extremely critical. Listen to what they have to say, take an objective look at the effect it's having on your children and if it has merit make changes accordingly. If it's off-base blow it off. No one is perfect & everyone has an opinion about everything. Do the best you can. It's all you can do.
    Happy Valentines Day,
    J. Aday Kennedy
    The Differently-Abled Children's Writer

  4. Rut-Ro. Sorry about the binkie comment in Florida. Anyway people that think you have to be a stay at home mom probably belong in diapers. And they might need them changed. Cute picture of Logan. Happy Valentine's Day!