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Monday, December 22, 2008

Thank you, Dollar Tree! (holiday savings tip!)

So I was headed to WalMart last night with two major goals: find some affordable stocking stuffers for my 3 year old. I figured this was a good year to start her getting a Christmas stocking, but did not know what WalMart would have by way of ss except for candy. My other goal was to find gifts for the 3 women that run the baby house at my kids' daycare. I had bought A's teacher something a few days ago and had completely forgot the 3 women that watch L. I didn't want to spend too much and having to buy for 3 people could have been pricey.

Thank goodness there is a new Dollar Tree that is on the same road as the Super WalMart. I saw it and decided to go in- jackpot! There were stocking stuffers galore! They had small, but fun toys, books, candy, lots of stuff! And I was able to spend $4 apiece on 4 items for each of the women in the baby house which put me at a total of $12 for them. I got each a mug with candy, scented lotion, bags and boxes of chocolate. I wanted to add something else, but the candles weren't scented and the snow globes looked too tacky. Hopefully they agree that it is the thought that counts.

And the best part is that I was able to buy everything with the money in my paypal account from one thing that I sold on ebay! SCORE!

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