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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random Mommy Misc.

So L's ears seem to be getting better. The doctor said they were just red now, so unless he takes a turn for the worse, he doesn't have to go back. Unfortunately he's broken out in a head to toe rash which is apparently common in infants after having an infection or fever. But, the best part about him feeling better is that he is sleeping better! The past 3 nights he has slept 4-5 hours, woke up and I bring him to bed and he sleeps another few hours. It is awesome, but I think my body and brain are confused about what to do with all that sleep!

I don't know if L has been sick more than A ever was because of going to daycare twice a week and picking up all the germs. I hate that thought, but I need those two days to get school work done.

I am getting nervous and excited about our upcoming trip to Florida. I am excited because I'm sure the kids will have a blast, but nervous because I don't think L will be very cooperative on the plane ride and I don't look forward to the hostile looks from my fellow passengers. I am planning to take A to Sea World as that's my favorite park down there and I think she'll love it.

I hope everyone is having a stress-free holiday!

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