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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oooh, the technology!

Ever since deciding to do a blog, I have been jumping head first into all these websites that I had yet to experience. I joined twitter (www.twitter.com/hamsterkitten) and twitter moms- hamsterkitten again, joined blogs, looked at blogs, uploaded pictures and did more googling than normal. I'm exhausted, lol! And of course I have to do most of this during naptime or after the kids go to bed because L does not like me to be on the computer and A likes my company for some odd reason.

Anyway, I have had to get advice on how to do things along the way (thanks to those who helped) and now I just hope that people will start to mosey on by and see what kind of thoughts I am sharing with the world.

Oh, the internets, lol! (quoting good ol' G.W.)

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