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Friday, January 15, 2010


...that's what I've been lately. I have nothing interesting to say on Facebook, Twitter or this blog. All I think is worth talking about is how cute the kitten is when it plays with random objects or how Ozzy and I are attached at the hip...

So, I apologize if you've been waiting for something witty or a rant, I guess no news is good news. Semester starts again on Tuesday for me, so maybe I'll have something to say then. And next weekend I am driving to the town that my grandparents lived in. They were special to me and I have really fond memories of the place, so it will be nice to reminisce with my family there (my husband never met them.)

How about you? Do you have any exciting news to share with me?

Oh, and Millionaire Matchmaker is back, woo hoo! I love seeing the deplorable ways in which the rich live! Money doesn't buy class you know!

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