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Friday, March 30, 2012

Does This Scenario Justify Homicide?

So, if you've ever been pregnant, chances are that you know what it's like to be exhausted.  Between the body aches, the fatigue, the emotional roller coaster... there aren't many of the 40 weeks that we have extra energy.  Okay, there's a few of you crazy ladies that spend the time doing the exact same activities, working out constantly and feeling great... well... poo to you.

Usually the second trimester is where you have the opportunity to start feeling a semblance of normality.  Well, I'm a week away from my third trimester and for the past 3 or 4 weeks I've actually felt up to doing the normal cleaning things that I used to do.  I get worn out a little faster and have to break more often, but I like feeling useful and not handicapped.  I've been keeping up on the dishes, doing more laundry, picking up, etc.

So, today I don't know why (especially considering the recent bouts of insomnia) but I was feeling ambitious!  No, I didn't do any grandiose tasks, just menial ones.  I made dinner, cleaned the counters, cleared off the table, put stuff away, did three loads of laundry, put clothes away... not a whole lot.  But anyway, the DH keeps telling me to stop because supposedly I was "overdoing it."  Well, fast forward two hours and I'm sitting and notice a full trash can.  I offhandedly say (more of a reminder to myself) that I need to empty a couple trash cans tomorrow.  And his response was that I needed to quit cleaning because he knows I'm going to hold it over his head.


As soon as he said this I wanted to strangle him.  I finally feel good enough to contribute to the household cleaning and be a productive family member and his reaction is that he needs me to stop because somehow it affects him!  I would have understood if he said maybe he felt guilty or he really did think I was overdoing it, but by telling me I was going to hold it over his head totally diminished what I was feeling and what I had done.

So what do you think?  Does this warrant being able to murder him or maim him in some way?  Or could I be overreacting?

Disclaimer: this story is not about me... if you know me... please disregard that you know me and assume this is about a total stranger... cause it is... yeah.

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