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Friday, March 16, 2012

Things I Didn't Miss About Being Pregnant

I'm definitely not throwing a pity party right now.  I know compared to many women, my pregnancies are pretty easy- I've never had morning sickness.  (That alone makes it easier than most!)

But I don't know if it's my age (being pregnant now at 30 versus being 23 and 26 with my first two) that has made me feel like this one's rougher or if I'm becoming more of a wimp, but I have realized there are quite a few things I did not miss about being pregnant!

1) The lack of sleep.  Finding a comfortable position and being able to stay asleep is next to impossible.  I'm a stomach sleeper, and that's been pretty much out of the question since around the 8th week.  I have a body pillow, but I still find it hard to sleep.  So when I do get sleep, it's only in small doses because then I'm up using the bathroom every couple hours.

2) The aches.  Mostly it's my lower back, but I went through like 2 solid weeks of crotchel region pain while my muscles were expanding or whatever and literally I could barely pick my feet up off the ground.  Then there's the leg aches, the charlie horses some nights...  and of course the impending pain of squeezing out a 10 lb kid (which is what my son weighed.)

3) The weight gain.  And ooooooh do I gain!  No matter what I eat, how much, how little, drinking water, drinking diet soda, drinking juice, no matter whether I'm eating/drinking healthy stuff or not, I pack it on.  And not just the cute volleyball stomach.  It's everywhere!  I made a joke about looking like I am smuggling a basketball and my SO said, "or six."  Not cool to say to a pregnant woman.  So, of course I can't buy maternity clothes in my pre-pregnancy size because those assume you only gain in your midsection.  Nope, I have to buy maternity in 2 sizes bigger because that's how much weight I've packed on... not to mention the swelling in my hands, legs, feet.

4) The tiredness.  I mentioned lack of sleep, but there's the physical fatigue too.  I get worn out walking up the stairs in my house.  I get worn out walking around the grocery store. 

5) The clothes.  Maternity clothes are NOT cute.  Unless you're getting basic jeans or tee shirts, you're out of luck cause most everything is hideous.  I find that I'm better off just buying normal clothes with empire waists because they are cuter and fit over my stomach. 

Well, that's probably enough for now.  I need to bathe my daughter... which is going to wear me out and leave me incapacitated for a good 20 minutes.

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