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Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Weird Dream: Who's Blowing Up My Phone??

I haven't had an installment of "My Weird Dream" in a couple years, so might as well resurrect it.

So last night I was having this dream.  It started off that I was at home (but not my actual home) and my husband and I were fighting.  We were both angry and decided to split up, so I opened a hidden door in the wall that lead to the utility room.  I grabbed my coat and left.  Switch to my kids and my husband are in someone's house with a HUGE living room/den and it is filled with people watching a sporting event.  I came in and the people I recognized were my dad, my kids, my husband (David) and a quasi relative and her family.

The aspects I remember include me trying to convince David to take me back, me following him around hoping my presence will change his mind and this quasi relative/friend and I gossiping.  We were sitting on the floor watching the babies play and somehow I hit my head and right after that she hit her head on the floor even harder.  We looked towards her husband and he looked at her, knowing she just hit her head, and then went back to the conversation he was having with David.  Well her head hit harder than mine, so I tried to care for her head wound while she cried and lamented over the fact her husband didn't care.

So as I was sitting there, I caught an AP post on the TV that said Seth Rogen's mother and brother died (horrible, I know.)  Then my phone starts vibrating and I ignore it.  It just won't stop, so I look and it's my mom calling me.  I'm busy, so I don't answer.  So my phone vibrates again and I look and she has texted me to tell me about Seth Rogen's family tragedy.  I tell my dad about it and we start pondering as to whether we still think Seth will host Saturday Night Live.  He thinks he will because he would think it was unprofessional not to.  I think he won't because he will think family is more important than work.  While we're having this conversation my phone starts vibrating again, but I don't recognize the number.  I go to find my toddler to get him ready to leave and the whole time people keep calling me because my phone is vibrating...

I started to wake up and saw my phone and immediately checked it to see if it was going off even though my phone is never on vibrate.  It wasn't.  I was so confused.  I checked the time and realized it must be my husband's phone.  Normally his alarm goes off to a song, but for some reason he had it on vibrate. 

Mystery of the phone that would not quit going off in my dream is solved.  But boy, did it take me a long time to realize that it was actually happening outside of my dream.

Random, Man... random.

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