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Sunday, April 6, 2014

My 2014 Oscar Movie Reviews: Wolf of Wall Street

I'm attempting to watch all the movies that were nominated for an Oscar this year.  I am going to post my review of each one with how I actually felt about the movie.  I'm not going to give a detailed plot because I'm not amazon and you can easily look there... or imdb... or wikipedia...
Oh.My.Goodness.  I think I need to go to Confession after watching this movie.  Let me just put this out there because if you are going to rent this movie, this is the most important thing you should know: it is graphic!  GRAPHIC!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow... I mean... wow.  It is graphic in the gratuitous nudity, many many graphic sex scenes and the F bombs drop like nothing I've ever seen or heard.  I probably wouldn't feel comfortable watching this with anyone other than my husband.  I would say I'm definitely not a prude and I'm very open-minded, but boy do you have to be careful who you expose this to.  Oh, and if you are uncomfortable with constantly seeing people do cocaine and quaaludes, don't rent this.

I hope my warning was emphatic enough.  Don't watch this with your children, don't watch this with your grandparents, don't watch it if your children might walk into the room at any moment unless your finger is glued to the pause button and you have supersonic hearing to detect the sound of footsteps.

Okay, now that that part is out of the way.  I liked the movie, lol.  After you sift through the shock factor, it's an interesting plot.  If you took out the sex and drug scenes, the movie would have probably been one hour instead of three, but the point was to show what being rich and powerful can do to people.  I don't really understand the stock market or Wall Street activities, so I'm not positive which aspect about what they were doing was illegal.  But, it had a lot of parts that made my jaw drop or made me laugh and it held my interest the entire time.

So, if you can sift through all the naughty parts and try to pay attention to the actual plot, it's worth the watch.  I definitely liked it more than Gravity.

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