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Monday, August 29, 2011

One Week Post Mirena Update

***Warning: the following contains TMI... you've been warned!!***

All I can say is... thank you, Jesus and RN at Planned Parenthood for getting this demon spawn tool of Satan out of me!!!

I had my Mirena removed August 23rd.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but hoped for immediate relief as some people had indicated was possible.  Well, the relief was not immediate, but having it removed took two seconds and was completely painless!  I felt a wee bit dizzy at first, but that went away quickly.

Within a day I started being relieved of the bloating.  I peed like 82 times an hour, but hey, it's worth it to feel better, right?  Then, I started feeling happy again... it was as if a fog lifted!  I had more energy, I was in a better mood, I wanted to end world hunger and make world peace...

And I still feel great!  I'm hoping to get greater by the day, and I will continue to update as I notice more progress.  I've also lost 2 lbs so far and don't feel like eating 24/7! 

***Second warning about TMI***

I'm doing my own research and contemplations in my head.  I was previously a heavy bleeder during AF time.  Well, as most of you know, when you are on the Mirena, your AF ceases to be or is super minimal.  I have often thought that was unhealthy, but hey, I don't have a medical degree!  Well, it just seems to me that if your bleeding was heavy and you now don't bleed anymore, no wonder you bloat!  And you know those PMS symptoms that you used to get?  Where do they go?  I will tell you where they go- nowhere!  They sit there... 24/7/365!!  Of course you are always hungry, cause your body is in PMS mode... same with breaking out, bloating, irritability... bang!  So, in a nutshell, I'm saying... embrace the periods!  I could go into detail about the bleeding I've experienced since getting my Mirena out a week ago... but I won't... cause I haven't found one person that wasn't grossed out by it, lol.


  1. I wasn't grossed out by it! Oh thats right because I lived that for way for 13 years!! Thank you Jesus for ending my misery :) Love you

  2. Glad you are feeling better! Thank God I only had my mirena 3 months (and it was 3 months of pure hell). I feel mostly better now too!

  3. I just can't wait until the lawsuits start flying and it is pulled from the market. I'd love to be part of that settlement!