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Monday, June 13, 2011

Rude Ebay Lady!

I thought I'd share this recent conversation between myself and this super rude ebay seller:

Dear mixon.danielle,

I received the shirt today. And although I appreciate the fast shipping, the shirt is NOT a woman's size large! It's either a girls or it was a juniors and was shrunk. Either way, I believe it was misrepresented AND it absolutely reeks of cigarette smoke.

I would like a refund as I can not wear this and I will have to throw it away because of the smell.

- xxxxxxxxxxxhamsters

Her response:
Dear xxxxxxxxxhamsters,

i am 'very sorry'yr not happy/satisfied.its not misrepresented if you read the descriptionit states juniors/ladies "and thats exactly" wat it is. when i bought/wore it i weighed 140 lbs.it is defeinately """not""" a girls!!! and do you not no/relaize when something is bought new then worn/washed/dried it normally does shrink some-"true"??or not??far as smoke smell,,a wash in the washmachine will remove thatm & we hav """alot""" of our items state ""not-smoke-free"""" but the smell comrs right out if you wash it in alil "tide"far as the sz it was listed as jrs.maybe yr juz too big to wear it??? i dont no!! well im sorry.why is it fair/right to a full refund when it states plainly jrs/ladies??and we state no refunds/please dont bid if yr gonna bid/win/then complain.and if yr a small built/framed lady then it should fit ya!!! thanks

- mixon.danielle
My reaction:
Okay, she got me.  I'm an idiot.  What was I thinking?  I mean, I've clearly been pwned by her expertise as an ebay professional.   I especially loved her use of quotations in "very sorry"... I felt the sincerity in it for sure!   And as per my non-confrontational and gutless personality, I did not respond.  I just left her negative feedback.  Cause that's how I roll.  And I threw the shirt away.  FAIL.


  1. ew. I would puke if I bought something that smelled like smoke. Your post is one reason I never buy from ebay. I just don't trust people and you never know what home it's coming from. And I got a headache trying to decipher her response ...lol

  2. I love ebay because I'm cheap! lol. But I can't imagine sending people things that smelled awful- it would be embarrassing. And her spelling and grammar were quite atrocious!