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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hamsterkitten To Do List

Okay, so now the holidays are over (I don't count New Year's Eve, cause I don't do anything special) and I can't believe I still have almost four weeks until school starts again! That is awesome. So, I now have time to do some of the things that need to get done before now and then. They include:

1) Updating my Miss Advice blog. If you haven't checked it out, please do! It's my creative outlet that I don't get from this blog or school. (Creative writing is not really encouraged there.)

2) Getting rid of some of my junk on ebay. I've had piles of stuff waiting to be sold on ebay for months, and I'm tired of looking at them. I hate clutter, but seem to be surrounded by it 24/7. Our daycare told us we couldn't take a month off, so the kids will still go two days a week while I'm on break (otherwise we'd still have to pay for them to not be there) and I will probably use these days to get a lot of stuff done.

3) Lose 1,000 pounds. I don't believe in making New Year's Resolutions that I know I probably won't keep, so I never resolve to lose weight. But, I wanted a treadmill for Christmas and hooray for the convenience of my parents having one they no longer wanted. A free treadmill is a good thing to have. I originally wanted to take up outdoor walking because it seems like everyone I ask about they weight-loss success have done it just from walking. One of my new friends lost 100 lbs by walking and eating a little better! Of course she said she walked like 12 miles a day, so enter the treadmill idea. Ideally I'd like to walk outdoors, but realistically, it's winter and I can't load both the kids up and walk 12 miles and expect them to be cooperative. So, I'm hoping that if I park the treadmill in front of the tv, it won't be so monotonous. I think I could probably read and walk, too... but I better now chew gum and walk.

4) Tweet more. Over the summer, I was a tweeting machine. Of course I had nothing to do, so that's why, but I used to have a lot of people that I talked to daily on Twitter- who knows where they went? Now I get occasional folks, but hardly anyone talks to me much and therefore no one comments on my blog anymore... I miss it. It feels weird to make blog posts and not have anyone comment on them... makes me think no one reads them!

Okay, that's enough for now... I like to set my goals low so I can achieve them. Do you guys have any to-do lists that really need to get done?


  1. hmmmmm maybe I should make a to do list as well. I feel so stressed with everything that I need to get done. Today my goal is just laundry. With a baby and a toddler, that in itself is an accomplishment to say the least!

  2. How old are your kids? I fortunately don't mind laundry, but I get as far as folding them and then only put them away like once every 3 months, lol.

  3. Looks like you have a great list to start with!

  4. my goal is to give you more comment love!!

    no I have a few goals...all of which could be summed up by not be a lazy POS! I need a schedule, I need to eat better and exercise more...no weight loss goals per say...just a healthier lifestyle!

    GOOD LUCK with your goals and to do list

  5. I was saddened by your loss of readership... made me want to cry!
    8'( Maybe tweeps are off during the summer like you are!?
    So, does this mean you aren't working, but going to school instead? lauratoogood(fromtwitter)

  6. I don't exactly understand the purpose of twitter still...I mostly use it for giveaways! I think I might exercise more if I had a machine in my house!!

  7. Kathleen- your goal sounds great! I'll look forward to the love, lol.

    BD- you raise a good point about other people having summers off... I'll just have to make new friends.

    Becca- twitter takes some time and effort to get to the point you can truly enjoy it.