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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Scones, Flats and Haunted Castles!

Color this serendipitous.

On my bucket list, I currently have 3 things: get arrested, go on a cruise and go to England (especially visit a haunted castle.)

So, last week I find out that the English department is doing a study abroad class for the first time in close to a decade... and guess where they're going...

ENGLAND! Well, they are going to the Lake District. But I think this is a weird coincidence that the first year I am there to get my master's in English, they are taking a trip to England. It's a 3 credit class that will be going over for spring break. And the Lake District is home to a haunted castle!!! I talked to the adviser going on the trip, and she did not seem too excited about adding a trip to a haunted castle, but since we have free time, I'm going, whether I have to walk there or not!

Now, the only fret I have that I will get some karmic slap in the face and the trip will be canceled for some reason or another. I don't think I'm deserving of such a karmic let down, but you never know.


PS If anyone wants to email Ghost Hunters International for me and get them to do a hunt at that castle while I'm there, that'd be great!


  1. Oh wow, that would be awesome! Hope you get to go. I've always wanted to go to a haunted castle.

  2. Thanks! I'm trying to think of ways to make money to go, but I should be okay!