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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Honing My Skills

So I had this interesting conversation with a fellow grad student the other day. I'm going to say this is all hypothetical in case any of my professors read this (which I'm sure they won't) so it could all be a lie. (But it's not.)

Since grad school has started and towards the end of undergrad, I had perfected the art of bullshitting. I like to call it "rhetoric." (This is to annoy my classmates who may be reading this.) My memory is about as long as that of a goldfish. I believe I've posted about this before. So, if I sit down to read an assigned text, not only will I not remember what I read five minutes later or which text said what, but I am so bored I want to stab out my left eye with a stick. And there's something about me that abhors boredom. So, I have since adopted the philosophy that my goal will be to get the same grade as my friends who read 24/7, but I will not actually read. So far it has worked perfectly! One of the major differences I've found in grad school is that professors appreciate the value of discussion over most everything else. By discussion, they figure out if you understand what you're learning/reading. And you can bet I'm always one of the first to raise my hand and I'm a huge participant in all discussions... but I don't read the assignments. I like to think I just learn quickly and know a little about a lot.

Now I'm starting to sound cocky, so I'll move on. I've also made several friends. I love it! And we've started a weekly Wednesday night gathering where every Wednesday we go out after class and hang until the wee hours. This works great for me because I get to sleep in on Thursday mornings. Plus, by the time I would have returned home from class, the kids would be asleep anyway.

Last night was the first week of said shindiggery and it was a blast. Fortunately, what happens in Macomb stays in Macomb, but I will say that I had the pleasure of my first field sobriety test and I passed! Hooray! Being arrested is on my bucket list, but I'm saving that until I can pass it off as being a "crazy old lady." Speaking of bucket lists, sometime before I die I want to save a pig that is on the way to be slaughtered.

Okay, time to pay some bills and do some reviews!

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