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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Art of Cleaning

I noticed Hoarders was a trending topic on Twitter last night and it inspired me to blog. Growing up, I was a pretty bad hoarder. My room looked like a rat's nest, full of useless things that I just refused to let go of. I also tended to hoard animals.

As I've gotten older, I've learned that I want to be an anti-hoarder. Now my parents have many great attributes, but organization is not one of them. I'll spare the details of their clutter, but it has scared me out of being a hoarder. I notice on the show that most people who hoard have some psychological reason for it that needs to be resolved in order to let go. For instance, I remember one man who refused to give away anything that reminded him of his dead mother because memories was all he had. I feel him. I used to absolutely refuse to part with anything my mom gave me because I felt guilty if I did.

I'm over it.

I loooooove getting rid of stuff! Be it the Salvation Army, ebay or the trash can, I'm constantly looking for things to get rid of. Unfortunately, there's too much stuff that I can't get rid of because it is not mine or I need it for school, cleaning, etc.

Last week we started going through our hall closets that were packed. Each year I find myself more and more willing to let go and it makes cleaning that much nicer. At some point we hope to tear this house down and put up a new one, so not having all the junk lying around will make moving so much easier.

Do you watch Hoarders, know of any hoarders or are you a hoarder yourself? I'd love to hear some horror stories!

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