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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear State of Illinois

I have two words that are heaven-send. They evoke wonderment, hope and promise for a brighter tomorrow: FOUR LANE!

As a person who commutes from a small town in Iowa to Macomb, Illinois as a student/worker at Western Illinois University, I find myself traveling HWY 136 most days of the week. Road rage is such a small potatoes term to the feelings that I get driving on this meager two lane stretch to Carthage where I (thank you, Jesus) get on a 4 lane expressway that takes me all the way to Macomb.

Upon my travels, I find myself getting stuck on said two lane behind people going about 10 miles under the speed limit. Of course I would love to pass them, but being that it is only a two lane, and oncoming cars and semis are constantly approaching, I find myself gripping the steering wheel and wondering, "why oh why, state of Illinois, do you not make this road a four lane?!"

Not only that, but have you just tucked Western Illinois University off in a corner and forgotten about it? The nearest airport to Macomb is in Peoria, but since it is only two lane most of the way, people generally choose to drive farther to Moline in order to enjoy the four lane. And apparently WIU finds many an invitee lost or uninterested in visiting our lovely university due to the randomness of its location and the dreadful two lanes that surround it.

So, please, get on the ball, Illinois! Don't you realize that a four lane is an investment? Just driving to Monmouth makes me want to stab my own eyeballs out! With more four lanes, perhaps people will want to spend more time at these Universities, shopping places and perhaps even just drive around and enjoy the corn and cows!


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