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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kids & Computers

I may be in the minority, but I don't really like the idea of small children using computers.

I was recently offered the opportunity to review a new website geared towards toddlers. It reminded me of this issue. Aren't we supposed to try to avoid having our kids glued to the television? Wouldn't it be about the same if they were glued to the computer?

I believe in these things called books. They have a two covers and pages in between. They help kids learn to read, they have bright, vibrant pictures. They create a quality bonding experience between the parent reading them and the child listening. Now, I'm no saint, my kids watch TV, but mostly use it for background noise while they're playing.

It just seems to me that there's no need for another electronic device in a small child's life. Sure, computers are great when they're older and I want my kids to know how to type, etc, but as a toddler? No thank you. The last thing I need is my daughter asking me every 5 minutes if she can use the computer.

And I know that there is good material out there that promotes learning, I guess I'm just old fashioned and believe that I should be teaching them and that it should be interactive. Handheld toys, books, things you can touch and manipulate: I'll take those over a computer anyday! (for my kids, that is)

Am I just old fashioned? What do you guys think? Do any moms let their toddlers use the computer?

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