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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Writer Writes, Always

I got the title from the movie "Throw Momma from the Train." Where they got the quote, I did not bother to google, lol.

I love writing (and talking) and therefore I love blogging! I would hope you've figured this out by now! I think that writing is very therapeutic and I'm more of a personal writer, but used to love to write fiction, be it short stories, poetry, etc. Now, I'm just about blogging and personal essays.

But, I totally give props to those people who are out there to get their work published or to find a home for their writing. It is hard to get recognized and there are many aspiring writers out there who need a voice! I love creative thinking and writing!

So, if you are a writer and you have a website to promote, let me know and I'll add it to this list. Or, if you want me to read your work, let me know.

As of now, I have two aspiring writer blogs I'd like to promote. Here are their sites:

1) Nick Piersee
2) Hello, Welcome to the Show

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