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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pondering the Philosophical

So, last night my brother in law came over to visit. He's home from college on spring break. It's always fun because he and my husband and I get a chance to do some deep thinking and have some crazy conversations.

Last night we were discussing atheism vs. Christianity vs. spirituality. I am a big fan of the guy upstairs, but am uber annoyed with organized religion and how crazy it's gotten. I'm also uber annoyed with people that keep telling you they are Christians. They tend to be the ones who exhibit the LEAST Christian behavior! Anyway, not trying to hate on anyone, so I'll move along.

So, my lawful brobie was saying how he is very spiritual, but an atheist. And it was cool how similar the thinking is, but without the belief in God. Cause the Bible leaves me with so many questions, and I often wonder, "what if not everything was covered in the Bible?" or "What if when it was translated 82,000 times, the words got changed around?" Cause, I know that the Bible says there can't be ghosts, but I totally believe in ghosts- and yes, it freaks the heck outta me! And then why is it that people have dreams after a loved one passes in which said loved one visits them and comforts them in their dreams? I believe that it is really the spirit of that person coming to them in there dreams!

Okay, so I'm going to stop now before someone comes after me with a straight jacket, but I want you to do some deep thinking of your own and don't be afraid to question the unexplained!

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  1. another similarity between you and I...organized religon = madness!