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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Son No Longer Drives Me Nuts!! (Well, the older one.) #parenting

Don't get me wrong, my toddler still drive me nuts, but now I'm talking about the older one who was the inspiration of a post from 2012, entitled "My Son Drives Me CRAZY."  The younger one still drives me crazy, like new diagnoses kinda crazy, and you can read about that from my Dec 2013 post.

I post quite a bit on Facebook about the times when H drives me to an almost nervous breakdown.  Well, L was NEVER this bad! 

I had decided to follow up on the 2012 post because to date it is the most popular searched one and gets random comments years later.

He no longer drives me insane, but makes me very proud!
L doesn't drive me nuts anymore... in fact, he is by far the easiest of my four kids!  He's polite, helpful, rarely complains and is happy-go-lucky for the most part.  In kindergarten his teacher told me that she loved him and that he's the kind of student every teacher dreams of.  In first grade his teacher said that he's a leader and great role model for his classmates.  She said that whenever they are supposed to be partnered up, they all wish that L could be their partner.

He's so sweet and kind.  He's loving and likes making people happy.  If you ask him to help pick up, he may whine a bit, but gets up to help. 

I'm so proud of him right now and hope that he continues on that path.  And maybe since he's changed so much since when I first posted about him driving me crazy, there's hope for H in the future.  I had a blogger friend tell me she had a daughter just like H, and she turned out to be one of her best kids and had many positive attributes.

Well if H turns out like L, I'll be blown away, but anything is better than screaming tantrums that last until his voice gets hoarse or he throws up.

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