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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to my other BFF!

Free Dictionary defines "best friend" as:  
             Noun 1.  best friend - the one friend who is closest to you
             friend - a person you know well and regard with affection and trust

I would say I have two best friends according this definition: my husband and my mother.  Whenever something exciting, scary, crazy happens or if I hear some juicy gossip, I always call my mom.  Sometimes I even tell her before my husband, which irks him a bit, but she's usually available at that time and I can't hold it in.

My mom has been the absolute BEST role model for how someone should be as an adult!  I know I've mentioned these things before, but my mother is probably the most respected person I know, both professionally and personally.  Everyone that finds out she is my mother tells me how lucky I am, or how great she is or how much they miss getting to see her at work.  Even friends of mine who had her as a teacher tell me she was their favorite.  It makes me feel proud to be associated with someone who has touched so many lives.

I do feel like perhaps the role of "mother" was never something she was fully comfortable with, but she did her best to provide the things she felt she was supposed to.  I don't know that her mother gave the best model of "mothering," but again, her mother was one of the most generous and giving people I have ever met and I miss her dearly.  So she clearly passed those traits down to my mother and that is another reason why my grandmother will always be a legend in my eyes.  At one point, my mom felt so bad for me that I was home all day every day dealing with two kids that she offered to pay to send them to daycare a couple days a week-- who does that??  Only a rational woman who understands that your life doesn't always revolve around they psychosis that comes along with being alone with children 24/7.

When it comes to feelings, I'm not that forthcoming about the big stuff, but I don't even talk to my husband about most of it either.  Although I might not tell my mom every feeling and emotion I have, just talking to her about anything makes me feel better.  One of my favorite things to do is go to lunch with her, just she and I, so we don't have to worry about what ears are listening in or being interrupted with a screaming child-- or four. 

Her generosity knows no bounds.  She would lend an ear to anyone, whether she liked them or not.  She does not want to hurt anyone's feelings and sometimes that requires a sacrifice on her part, but she is so giving, she allows herself to "suffer."  She is always keeping an eye out for a good deal in case she finds something she thinks her grandchildren should have.  She clearly has good taste because she thinks my kids are as awesome as I do!

Although I could never achieve the professional respect that she has because I would never have the patience to work so closely with the same adults on a daily basis, I like to think that the work I do provide whenever I find myself teaching is something to be proud of.  And I like to think that my kids will someday be the same.

So, Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  I love you and hope one day to actually get to spend this day with you again!

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