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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Seriously, Women??

I'm not a big fan of women... it's more of a generalized thing, cause I know there's quite a many great women out there.  I have a handful of female friends as well (not that I respect them all the time.)  I have just always been a better friend with guys because you don't have to deal with all the drama and the woman issues.

Lately, I've been thinking about this one thing that women do that absolutely drives me INSANE.  Why do women take men back that cheat?  Why?  I mean, do you really think he's not going to do it again?  Clearly he doesn't respect you and clearly you don't respect yourself.  I could handle a great many things in a relationship, but not being cheated on.  If I'm not good enough, so be it, I'd rather be alone or wait for someone who thinks I'm special *gag*.  But it has got to be humiliating to be cheated on, but then when a woman takes the guy back, it's like... are you serious?!  And don't get me started on when the man cheats multiple times.  Case in point, my friend Sharlyne was talking to me about this girl she knows that I've heard about.  I said to her (cause I'm a gossiping old biddy) "did you hear so and so cheats on so and so all the time?"  her response was, "oh yeah, everyone knows."  (don't judge my spelling, capitalization or grammar cause it's a blog yo!)  So I say to Sharlyne, "but they aren't married and they don't have kids, so why not break it off?  Is [said female] really that desperate?  Is her self esteem that low?"  And Sharky says to me, "actually they're trying to have a baby."

My jaw drops.
I shake my head.
Bile rises up in my throat.

We immediately end the discussion.  Cause seriously, I no longer blame the dude... she lets him do it and he's with an idiot, so what does she expect?

I know I am coming across harshly, but women, grow some backbones here!  No, I'm not a feminazi in the slightest, you won't catch me on a corner burning my bra and manbashing.  I just don't get it.  There is no way that these women can't find another man somewhere down the road.  And why do they need a man anyway?  How about taking the time to gain some self esteem and realize that we are all special and deserve to be respected.

And that is your lesson for the day.


  1. Well said babe!!! thats all that can be said about that. spot on!!

  2. Amen! I also have never understood that. I have an acquaintance how has one child from a different dude and is dating a total ass. He gets her p.g. again. So now she is unmarried and has two kids...well he cheats on her. So she takes him back and within a week or so he knocks her up again. Really? If my guy cheated on me - 1. I wouldn't take him back and 2. I sure as hell wouldn't have just jumped right back in the sack him! A little respect would be nice.

  3. I've never ever ever understood how some women just accept being cheated on as if all men do it!! heck no! I know this may make you gag, but I know that I am blessed beyond control with Aaron and knowing that he'll never be a douchebag like that!!

  4. Agreed! I think some of the women actually do have that low of self-esteem though - sad. Probably a results of "not being quite enough".

    I know people that have been cheated on. Numerous times. And they still take them back. All in the hopes of "change". Or thinking - "well, I'll take what I can get from this person." Pfft..

    "You don't want me enough? See you later pal" is my motto.