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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love Weeds!

I'm so addicted to this show and I can't fathom why. I just finished season 5, which stinks because who knows when season 6 will be available. But I wanted to share a funny twitter convo (I laughed, so you will laugh or else) that stemmed from someone telling me that they don't smoke pot so they don't watch Weeds, to which I let them know I have never partaken in my life, but find the show to be super fantastic.

on twitter:

me: just cause you like Weeds doesn't mean you have to smoke pot
@mattstratton: That's like assuming I love to drink since I watch Mad Men. Oh, wait.
me: and like assuming I love to snuff people because I watch Dexter... oh, wait.

Ah, I slay myself.


  1. lol, at first i thought you were giving up on weeding your garden. They dont have that show over here in England. Althoug The X Factor is coming to the USA. Its good, funny. The bad singers are sooo bad! :)

  2. a) How do you know I don't like Dexter? I didn't say that.

    b) I WISH my husband were gay!

    c) I didn't even mention my husband in this blog post.

  3. I own season 1 on DVD and love it. I have yet to watch the other seasons, but plan on it. Yeah, I know, way behind!

  4. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how outrageous the plot gets each season. She's never in the same predicament twice! This last season (5) blew me away!