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Monday, February 15, 2010

District 9: Oscar Nominee

I'm going to attempt to watch all the Oscar nominated movies and give my opinion. This will be hard cause I REALLY don't wanna watch TheHurt Locker, lol. I've already reviewed Up.

I was very reluctant to watch District 9 because after reading about it, it sounded too sci-fi for me. I'm not a huge fan of alien movies.

Boy, was I wrong! This movie is crazy because you can't explain it to people without it sounding terrible, but it is so good! I even bought it after renting it through Netflix. The premise is that aliens show up twenty years ago over Johannesburg, South Africa. It turns out there's a bunch of dying aliens on board. They bring them down and segregate them into these slummy shacks. The aliens start intertwining in human life and the humans are not happy. MNU has been contracted to move them from their slums to a concentration camp outside the city so they don't bother the humans.

During the evictions, Wickus (the guy who is in charge of getting signatures on the eviction notices) gets sprayed by an alien toxin and he begins to morph slowly into an alien. Meanwhile, Christopher (an alien) is working on some illegal stuff and tries to protect he and his son from being killed.

Wickus gets taken to a lab and experimented on, but escapes and goes on the run, where he meets up again with Christopher.

Okay, you'll have to watch to find out the rest, but I loved this movie! I felt as though it was a metaphor for how many people treat others that are "alien" to them. They are treated like second-class citizens and it's as if they are not human. Anyway, maybe I read too much into it, but if you view it for the symbolism, it's outstanding!

Family Time Factor: It's awfully gory, so I wouldn't recommend it for young kids.

MOTR Grade: A


  1. Like you, i thought it appeared to "sci-fi" and wasn't really interested. But the hubs was, so I reluctantly settled in for a night of what I thought was going to be a night of bad movies. I must admit, I LOVED the movie. The special effects were amazing and the plot was well-written. Earlier that day I had been doing some research on The Holocaust for a paper I'm writing, and was blown away to see many of the sad stories of experiments performed on human subjects portrayed in this movie. It was a reminder of just how far humans have come, and how far we've YET TO GO to actually treat each other HUMANELY! And as a true romantic, that ending tugged my heart strings, naturally.

  2. Exactly! And the ending scene was very touching and sad. Did your husband like it? Maybe it's a chick flick, lol. My husband didn't hate it, but he said he wasn't impressed.

  3. I am so excited! You better keep reviewing movies.. I'm loving this so much. I'm going to watch it tonight after reading your review.