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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Movie Reviews: Manchester by the Sea

I have started a very relaxing habit of going to a movie by myself a couple times a month.  It is very therapeutic and I LOVE it.  I've had some Facebook friends say that they appreciate my reviews on my own page, so I figured I would share them here as well. I'm not giving a summary on here cause you can find that on IMDB.  If you want more details of the movie, go to IMDB.  I will let you know the rating I gave it. 

Manchester by the Sea
My IMDB rating: 6/10  Overall IMDB rating: 8.4/10
 So I was in Chili's taking my daughter and "daughter" to eat before we went to see Moana (which I gave an 8/10).  While we were waiting for a table, there was a group of women that I'm guessing were over 60, that were standing in front of me.  They were discussing the movie they had just seen and other ones they may go to next.  They had seen Manchester by the Sea, which I planned to go to.  I asked what they thought of it.  They said they couldn't recommend it because it was too depressing.  I chalked it up to the women being too fragile.

Nope, they were right.  It was SO FACKING DEPRESSING.  It was a good movie, very well-written, actors did amazing jobs, but man... I don't know how to erase the sad stuff from my mind.  I know it's just a movie, but damn...

The reason I gave it a 6/10 may seem foolish, but I feel like the story could have easily been told without this specific event.  A different tragic event could have replaced it, but this one was horrid.

If you want any spoilers, send me a message.


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