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Monday, September 8, 2014

Here a hair, there a hair, everywhere new facial hair!

I remember in grad school a certain friend of mine (who was a wee bit older than me) was telling me about how she was getting new facial hair and that happens as women get older.  In my head, I hoped she was wrong because I have always been paranoid about people thinking I have a mustache.  Sure, I shouldn't care what people think of my looks... but, seriously.

Anyway, I chalked it up to hoping she was wrong... but she wasn't.  As the years have progressed, I'm starting to notice weird hairy things happening to my face- and it's scary!  You always see the stereotypes of old men with hair growing out of their ears and nose and extremely bushy eyebrows.  Well, there's a reason it's a stereotype!  As people age (not ALL people), the hair on their face can get thicker and longer. 

I used to pride myself on the fact that I never had to touch my eyebrows.  Friends in high school would shave and tweeze their eyebrows.  The shavers were awful because if they didn't do it daily, the stubble was pretty obvious.  And the tweezers would make them way too thin!  But there I was, not doing anything to them.  In fact, I never had to tweeze or shave anywhere on my face!

Until now... I find myself nightly standing in front of the mirror with a pair of tweezers.  It has become an obsession.  I will feel panicked when I see a hair that I think was glaringly obvious and I'm sure when I was out in public, everyone could see it and stared and whispered, "oh my gosh, look at the bearded lady in aisle 9!"  My husband says I don't have facial hair and I'm being ridiculous.  And you now those light blonde fuzzies that are normal that people get?  I can't tell if they are light fuzzies or if I'm getting a full blown mustache!!!  I don't think any of my friends would tell me if they thought I had a mustache... but friends SHOULD tell each other!!

Okay, now I feel like I need to go get the tweezers because just typing this is making me paranoid.  Has anyone else noticed an increase in facial hair as you have gotten older?  Do you do anything about it or just go natural?


  1. Have you tried a threading tool? It tweezes multiple hairs at once and I love it! I am about to launch my soap business and it is one of the products I will be selling. You can PM me on FB if you want and I can send you a picture! https://www.facebook.com/lavendersbluegreen

    1. Is that like an epilator? Cause I used to have this handheld thing that had this rotating thing with tiny tweezers. That didn't work very well for me.