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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Hy-Vee Debacle

So, I'm one of those moms that would rather have blood drawn than take my kids to a store... any kind of store.  They want, want, want and I am broke, broke, broke.  Well, even if I had money, I would refuse to spoil them rotten.  Anyway, this was one of those occasions that my boyfriend insisted that we all go together.  He's one of those strange people that enjoys spending time together, be it the grocery store or shoveling manure off a highway...

Anyway, so we go to Hy-Vee to pick up a couple things.  I was planning to make chocolate chip cookies and was thinking all I needed was the chips, so after grabbing a couple things, the boyfriend realized he forgot his wallet at home and needed to run back to get it.  I panicked like a deer in the headlights thinking, "you want to leave me alone with children in a store?!"  But, seeing as how they were MY children, I couldn't say anything and pretended I could handle it without going crazy.  Anyway, I pushed the cart to the baking ingredients aisle.

Oh, I forgot to mention that when I do take the kids to the store, I prefer to push them both in one of those carts that seats 2 kids, like the little cars and what not.  Normally this Hy-Vee has a couple, but upon entering I saw none with the other carts.  So, that left L to ride in the seat part and A to follow along on foot.  Now, A likes to play this thing where when I'm pushing the cart she pretends it's a bus and jumps on the side.  No biggie I tell myself.

Well, on this particular day whilst looking at the options for chocolate chips (because as you bakers know, there are many kinds!) I leave the cart a foot behind me.  I hear a loud commotion, look back as I notice the cart falling forwards on its front!  Apparently A decided to hang from the handle and tipped the whole thing over onto herself.  I shrieked and grabbed the cart and put it upright.  Both kids were crying and a manager and an employee came running to make sure everyone was okay.  I felt a mixture of emotions.  One was mildly embarrassed that it would seem as though I was being negligent, but A has never done anything like that and being 5 and a half and pretty mature, it would have never crossed my mind.  I was also a little frustrated that A had done this.  I felt as though I should be concerned about their well-being, but I didn't see blood and they could walk, so I wasn't too worried.

The employee and manager seemed frantic and worried, however.  I assuaged their fears as I checked over the kids for injuries.  A had a little scrape and bruise from the cart handle, but was otherwise okay, save for her complete embarrassment (she has issues about looking bad in public.)  The employee went to track down one of the two child carts and we went on our "merry" way.

However-- the manager was very kind and concerned and took down my name and number so he could check on us later, which he did.  I assured him all was well and forgotten.  Then today I received a call from Hy-Vee's insurance company and the pleasant man on the phone wanted to make sure the kids had no lasting repercussions.  I assured him all was well and the bruise was fading.  He gave me the number to call in case anything changed.

Long story not short, but concluded: I was impressed with how the Hy-Vee manager and employee handled the situation.  I know they are also covering themselves in case of a lawsuit, but I could also tell they genuinely cared... which felt good.

Moral of the story:  I forgot to buy flour because I thought I had some, so I haven't been able to make the cookies yet.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I know from experience that an embarrassing incident can keep us from returning to a store, and not getting food is not an option. Just a heads up, I know that our local Hy-Vee stores will give the kids a treat from different departments to help make your shopping easier. For example; free cookie from bakery, a meat stick from the deli, and we usually save the free balloon from the florist for a celebration after check-out if all goes well. I'm sure it varies by manager, but its worth asking if it means you can actually complete your shopping list.

  2. I returned to the same store today and saw the manager again. I'm not sure if he recognized me, but he was still friendly. They keep suckers at the end of each check out aisle at this Hy-Vee, which is good to bribe kids that if they want one they have to be good until checkout.