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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Down with North Face!

I've started talking on Twitter lately about my dislike for North Face. I actually am not a fan of most brand whoring in general, but right now I'm going to take out my annoyance on North Face. Why take a $30 jacket, stick a logo on it and mark it up $70 bucks or so... or 20, or 30, etc. And especially when kids expect their parents to pay for this... *shudders* Ack, ack, hard earned money down the drain! I'll take Old Navy performance fleece anyday.

So, feel free to join my cause if you get bored on Twitter. I'm adding #northfaceisout to some of my posts cause I think it should no longer be "cool." I will point out that they are made in America, which is nice, but adding to American consumerism that promotes spending big bucks on a name brand when we're in a recession kinda makes me wanna stab things.

@a99kitten on Twitter directed me to this funny website called "Stuff White People Like" that included a section on North Face. It's hilarious... because it's true... and I don't know why. Although I only really like about 10 of the things on there... so hopefully that makes me not white.

Enjoy your Wednesday! Tomorrow's my birthday, woo hoo!


  1. Happy birthday to you! Hope you have a great one.
    I had never heard of North Face up until a couple of days ago when I read about it on a discussion board. I agree with the idea that a person is paying to wear a brand name on their shirt. Maybe they should pay me for advertising their brand??!! Just a thought.
    My kids wear name brand clothes....when I find them at yard sales or at dirt cheap prices.

  2. I am a resale junkie... hooray for us!